To bring you knowledge and talents

In 2008 started the idea about Mondosol. Most people thought we had millions of dollars to “learn and travel” around the world. That was not the case. Instead we followed our dream to discover the world and learn about money and investing. And so Learn and Travel.

How many of you had a bad experience travelling?

I was inspired to start my business when I was travelling in Italy with friends and family. There were problems in the house we rented … The others didn’t have the knowledge and tools so we talked with the host and created a magic relationship. In the end we had a great experience with happy memories.

What we do

Mondosol was born in 2010 when two people welcomed eleven friends and family members to their first travel to Italy. 1 million people in almost every continent across the globe learned making authentic experiences.

Do you know what is Mondosol (USP) Unique Selling Proposition?

To Offer an educational experience with our product/service that stand out.

Where we are

In 1996 everything started from San Piero Patti (Italy).
In 1996 everything started from San Piero Patti (Italy).
In 2011 Mondosol was founded in Hønefoss (Norway).
In 2011 Mondosol was founded in Hønefoss (Norway).

Everyone at Mondosol are looking to learn something new from a place, something they love, by themselves or with someone else. Mondosol provides courses, travels and home products creating a world class experience.

Who we are

Elio Mondello Anza

Chief Executive

José G. López

Chief Marketing Manager

We want to Mix Education and Lodging and give back to our customers, curated courses, products and experiences. In the world booming industry the problems are: poor experiences, people and technology. Mondosol brings knowledge and talents in the heart and home of people just like you and me.

Mondosol in the news

Mondosol have been featured by Venerdi magazine and La Repubblica newspaper (n.1 in Italy) and welcome celebrities and influencers in some of our properties!

Let’s make something together.