Can i edit my review on

Ok so you are here because you want to chage a review or you wonder if your guest can remove or change a review in

And if you ask can i edit my review on In this article we are going to talk on how you can edit a review or remove it on We are going to see some examples and talk about the problems editing or removing reviews on

We have found after several calls that agents are not helpful and nice, a  non existent help center and a poor forum

Some time ago I hosted two guests who did not leave a very good review. Their comments were not negative, in fact they left quite a few nice comments The score was 6.3 but I felt that what they gave me as scores and the comments did not make sense. I contacted them through extranet asking them for further feedback as I really wanted to understand what was wrong and whether there was some mistake. They told me they were going to change the review. Is this possible? Can guests change their review scores?


Ok so to reply to the first questions it is possible for the guest to change or remove a review within 30 days from the moment of check-out.

If you are a guest and you need to change or remove a review you need to read here.

In the meantime, an host, can make a public reply and other guests can read it.  The guest will not receive any notification or email after the host post a publish reply. Instead everyone can see the reply on the review section of the property.

black ball point pen with brown spiral notebookSame thing happened to me a couple times after contacting the guest about their feedback and review. One guest explained me that he did not know what he was doing (those smiley can be confusing) and how to change it.

The host can also keep sending emails to and they will eventually contact the guest.

Another time I have contacted to remove it, because it was not a genuine review and they refused. They said is up to the guest to request to change the review.

computer desk electronics indoors to see if Can i edit my review on

Note: It’s up to the host to make sure the guest knows they will be contacted by and to keep in touch with the guest.

DO NOT put a reply to the review on as will use this as a cop out for removing the review. The guest can change a review even if the host replay or not to the review.

It can be a long process but it’s worth it if the guest has lied ( there is a way of getting those reviews removed)

Partner Help – Booking com.png where you find information on how Can i edit my review on

Here is what says about removing reviews on their partner help center:

We  know customers find reviews to be very useful when browsing online. That’s why we only remove reviews in certain situations:

  • In the case of no-shows, cancellations, and overbookings (when the guest is relocated as a result).
  • If we suspect a review isn’t genuine and might be used to target a competitor, we’ll remove it completely.

We also remove comments if they go against our guidelines:

  • When the review includes abusive language, swearing, discriminatory remarks, threats of violence, and political or religious commentary.
  • When the review promotes illegal activities.
  • If it includes contact details like phone numbers, addresses, email addresses or website links.

Note: When comments are removed due to breach of policies, the score will remain online.

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Can i edit my review on This is what you need to do:

  • Contact by phone (here you find the phone number for your country) or login in your account.
  • You need to have your reservation number and pin code if you call or if you login you will find the review on your account and you can send an email.
  • An Agent in can assist you with the process. will send an email where you as a guest can re submit the review that will substitute the old one.
Can i edit my review on

7 responses to “Can i edit my review on”

  1. Vijay Avatar

    Remove review posted on today.

  2. Anne Mcilwraith Avatar

    I recently stayed at forest guest house in South Shields. I posted a good review about room but forgot to mention the great vegetarian breakfast I had and how clean the place was nothing was too much for the hosts and would definitely stay there again my review only got 7.5 and should of got 10. Please can this be changed as soon as possible. Thank you.

  3. Athari Avatar

    They remove my review!!!! For the first time!!!
    i think property owner pay them money to remove!! They told me u add names!!!! Every one add names!!! But they only remove my review!!!

    I will remove my account with them and booked directly with hotels and people they are cheaper than them any way..

  4. Barbara brodie Avatar
    Barbara brodie

    Can I alter my comments on recent trip to TSH Florence with 20th September for 3 nights,name,Barbara Brodie thanku very much

  5. Judith Wilkins Avatar
    Judith Wilkins

    The other day, I wrote a review of my few days at Doongarra in Queenscliff. The comments I made should have been only for the owner to see. I would like to amend my comments to: The location was ideal and the accommodation very comfortable and convenient.

  6. Dumisani Avatar

    Hi my name is Dumisani, I recently stayed at Villa Manor and Spa, I gave them a bad review because they told me they don’t serve dinner and they served other guests and we had a misunderstanding about a deposit that I believed they owe me. So they were rude to me and I acted out of emotions. I would like to delete that review or change it if possible..

    1. Elio Mondello Avatar

      Yes if you ask booking

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