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Avoid Long-Term Debt with those 4 Tips for Young Adults

As a young adult, you may find it difficult to establish your financial independence when you’re facing many burdens. However, you can Avoid Long-Term Debt and set yourself up for success by learning and practicing these 4 Tips. Young adults are more likely to make alarming financial decisions, and this could easily destroy their future. A study on ‘Debt and Overindebtedness’ revealed that young individuals are … Read More Avoid Long-Term Debt with those 4 Tips for Young Adults

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What to learn everyday

Here are the skills to master today in 2021, along with free online courses that can help you build upon them: 1. Futuristic thinking Futurist thinking is the ability to predict events and trends, and how they might impact your industry and professional development. While this is a skill that remarkably few people have developed, it’s important to note that futuristic thinking doesn’t require … Read More What to learn everyday

Airbnb without owning property

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