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TMM The Mondosol Method Course

How I Earn A Full-Time Income Managing Other People’s Properties

✔ How to attract property owners excited to work with you
✔ The method of all 6-figure Co-Hosts
✔ How to start a highly profitable Hospitality business without investing any money
✔ How to turn your business passive

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So imagine if you had a business that:

  • Required zero employees or an office
  • Costs little (if any) money upfront
  • Didn’t require you to trade your precious time for a fixed income
  • Doesn’t require you to knock on doors, cold call or cold email all day
  • You can manage completely on mobile (you only need an internet connection)
  • Is something you can do as a side hustle for passive income

PLUS — it’s super scalable. More on this later.


Sound too good to be true?


It used to be…until Airbnb was invented.

Now you can own a business that has all those advantages above and more.

You probably know how Airbnb operates…

The homeowner lists an extra room or vacant home on Airbnb…

Someone books it through the Airbnb app for X number of days…

They get charged a fee per day and check out on the last day like a hotel.

But here’s the problem and massive opportunity for you…

There are millions of
homeowners who have an extra unused room or empty vacation home…

That’s just collecting dust!

They have zero idea on how to use Airbnb and don’t have the time to learn.

And that’s where YOU come in.

So here’s how this genius business model works:

You’re going to find
these “lost” homeowners who are losing thousands of dollars a month on potential income…

You’re going to pitch them on listing their extra room or home on Airbnb for a commission (usually 50% the fees)…

You’re going to spend at max €100 on soap, towels and other amenities for the guest…

You’re going to create the listing on Airbnb (takes a few hours at most)…

Now you collect the passive income that comes in each month
through that listing.

Zero management of the property. Zero ownership of any homes.

It doesn’t get any easier than that. This business model is called Home Sharing Management, and it’s my number one recommendation for anyone getting started in real estate.

I even convinced myself Elio Mondello with other
6 -7 figure home sharing management business owners to share all their tricks and tips.

Because of that, we launched a program earlier this year and it’s been a huge success with our students.

Normally we retail this
program for €500…

But because Christmas Day is coming up…

You Can Get The Mondosol Method Course For €47!

And if you take action on what we teach you inside the program…

You can have your home sharing management business up and generating income within 30 days!

Which means you also cover the cost of your program in 30 days. And everything
after that is pure profit.

Get TMMC for Only €47!

So here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn:

  • THE TRUTH ABOUT AIRBNB – Why Forbes calls it an “economic revolution” and what that means for you
  • What the M.M.A. model is and why it’s so profitable to you! (Your only costs are going to be toilet paper, coffee and soap…)
  • If you have cash to spend then you can use the O.P.P. model. This means 100% of the profit goes directly to your bank account.
  • The secret strategies Elio Mondello used to scale his Airbnb business to six figures in six months!
  • How to operate in cities where Airbnb is “blacklisted”. There’s a legal loophole to get around this rule…and once you do, you’ll have zero competition.
  • What “Green Cities” are and why you need to maximize the amount of listings in these areas.
  • What if you only needed to spend 1-4 hours working on your business a month? Here’s how to use automation to practically run your business on autopilot!
  • Why realtors are your greatest allies and how they’ll do your marketing for you
  • What Airbnb SEO is and how you “hack” Airbnb’s algorithm to rank your listings at the top of searches! (Those listings make the most money because travelers look at those first!)
  • How to use the “numbers rule” to pitch a homeowner. This is a win-win deal for you and the homeowner. There’s zero reason for them to say no.
  • The 3 “gold-mine” places to find ready-to-go rental properties to list on Airbnb

PLUS — bonus video on how to use your Airbnb cash flow to fund rental properties you own!

And much, much more.