Eliminate the credit card problem when you get lost

Are you in a trade show, a contest or new location? Be careful because everybody is a potential stealer for your credit card.

In Mondosol we have a folow up system to eliminate the business card problem that get people lost.

The follow up is the key of keeping customers.

In fact a research of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT  shows that more sales come from following-up within 5 minutes..

If your company is doing a tradeshow for example the World Travel Market in London or running a contest, be carefull because not everybody is a potential customer for a company.

Let’s take an example so If you are a chiropracter and give away 5 sessions it’s easier to attract interested customers in your business instead of giving away a new iPad.

Drop by my stand!

If you have a stand in a tradeshow ask your customers to Drop by and with a Qr code where people can come to your boots and without even talking they can interact with you and your company.

Here are some Great tips that you can implement right now form a Tradeshow expert called Mike Lemoine:

– People who spend so much money in tradeshow do not usually have a follow up system in place so get one immediately.

. The give away is critical and determines if the people are going to interact with your company.

– Many companies spend so much money for only branding and exposure but with no much chance to close.

– Make a sign in the boot with a give away and different way to enter in the contest like Text your name and email to this phone number +44 712 567 68. In this you can grab people’s attention and follow up with them immediately.

– Company’s Employes should be trained to help customers in the boots to to opt in (get in the list) by texting their name and email or  scanning a Qr code, visiting a website or calling.

– Make an agreement with the tradeshow organizer to put the sign in the entrance of the tradeshow.

– It’s possible to scrape with Mondosol Follow up system (called Instant Customer) all the social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and their influence score to ask the most influential people to post the opt in link in their wall.

– It’s possible to Generated a huge buzz in a tradeshow for a company that uses Mondosol follow up system and social media marketing.

– Once the potential customers get into the contest, Mondosol follow up system can send them Autoresponders (automatic email, sms and voice only for US and Canada) and Broadcasts (scheduled messages). In this way you can tell your customer to check the winner of your special offer or other cool information you want to give to them.

– Get someone who can make a sign very very quickly, can be sometimes critical. Mondosol has a partner how can make a Sign 90.1 x 50.7 cm all colours for 25€ (33$ / 21£ / 200kr ) with a 2 business days delivery for just extra 37€ (50$ / 32£ / 300kr) or a normal 14 week days delivery for  less than €10 (12$ / 8£ / 74kr)

Our No Brainer Offer


In Mondosol we have designed a BARGAIN for your company in order to take massive advantage of your tradeshow with our special offer ALL INCLUSIVE that costs only 325€ ( 437$ / 275£ / 3824 Kr) per month with 50% OFF. Click here to get our offer or Contact us at +1 (618) 205-5934.


The Offer is composed of:

  1. Follow up service called Fast Start List to capture your leads in 7 different ways and send them your email, sms and voice message for 75€ per month
  2. 52 hours of consulting to learn everything called Master, maintenance and tracking results for 250€ per month called Master
  3. Sign, postcards, flyers and business cards
  4. Design for marketing off line (paper) and online (websiste)
  5. E-learning with everything explained

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Published by Elio Mondello

Elio Mondello is Mondosol's Chief Executive Officer, leading the company as it builds a trusted marketplace for people to list, discover, and book accommodation around the world online. He is also an entrepreneur and academic looking for adventure.

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