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Last updated 7 September 2020

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Here’s how to get started:

How to Contribute?

For the most part, we invite people to contribute to Mondosol. That said, there are three ways to get your foot in the door:

  1. Pitch us your idea. Need instructions on how to pitch us? Then you probably aren’t ready to contribute to Mondosol.
  2. Get a recommendation. Ask someone who contributes to Mondosol (or a well-known/respected figure in the industry) to introduce you to the Executive Editor.
  3. Offer something. Incentives for our audience to read your post, visit your company, stand or website will be a good way for Mondosol. Get your Writing in Front of 10k+ people

Who can Contribute?

Mondosol accepts contributions from SEO professionals, search marketers, and digital marketers. There are two ways to contribute to Mondosol:

  1. Mondosol Writing Schedule: Contributors are invited to write on a recurring publishing date (either monthly, every other month, or quarterly. No writing slots are currently available.)
  2. Ad hoc: This is for contributors who are only able to contribute sporadically, maybe 1-3 times per year. Posts run whenever there is an opening on the editorial schedule.

How To Submit An Article

If you would like to be considered for a guest posting, then please fill out the following form

What to Contribute?

Originality: We only accept posts that contain 100% original content. If the post has been published on another site, blog, book, app, or has been plagiarized in any way then we won’t post it.

Tone: Content published on is positive, upbeat, personable and friendly. Be personal, write just like you are talking to a close friend.

Content: We accept content on a variety of topics: self-development, motivation, business, marketing, finance, health, fitness, etc…

Your content MUST be high quality and top-notch to be published on  Make sure to take a look at the content already written and created on the blog, so that you’re familiar with the quality of content that we accept.  This means proper grammar, spelling and the content must be helpful for our readers.  If the content doesn’t match the level of quality we expect, then we will not accept it.

In order to Get your Writing in Front of 10k+ people with Mondosol, you must KNOW YOUR STUFF!

Why you should contribute?

Here are just a few great reasons to share your voice and ideas:

  • Be a positive influence in the world
  • Make a difference in the lives of others
  • Connect with readers on a Global scale
  • Get a high quality backlink to your website (helps for SEO)
  • Be able to promote your website, blog, product or service
  • Gain invaluable writing experience
  • Work at home and set your own schedule
  • Get your name and original content out there
  • Our editorial team will help create eye-catching headlines for your post and get your post the attention it deserves
  • Be featured throughout our social media channels and email updates and Get your Writing in Front of 10k+ people

When to Send Us Your Article?

Here are the Questions To Ask Before You Send Us Your Article:

  • Is your post inspiring, interesting, informative, educational and fun?
  • Does your post contain 100% original content?
  • Does your message and overall theme align with’s core values?
  • Has your post already appeared on
  • Does your post have a great headline that grabs our readers attention?
  • Do you have an image that you would like to include with your post? (700 pixels wide, landscape images please)
  • Is your post optimized for the search engines in any way?

How To Submit An Article

If you would like to be considered for a guest posting, then please fill out the following form