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I will create your website with Lodgify. A Book Direct travel website with Design customization, Responsive design and Content upload together with a Book Direct course.

What is Lodgify

Lodgify is a Website Builder. A direct channel technology that empowers vacation rental professionals to increase their direct bookings, free from commissions. It includes a Channel Manager for a centralized property management system to manage calendars, bookings, rates and payments for all your properties.

What’s included in all packages?

  1. Manage calendars, bookings and rates for all your properties.
  2. Take credit card payments worldwide with different currencies securely on your SSL-protected website with Paypal and Stripe.
  3. A Website Builder with optimized and professional templates mobile-friendly.
  4. A Channel Manager to sync calendars, rates and reservations on, Airbnb, HomeAway/Vrbo and Expedia.
  5. A Booking Software so guests can book direct with you from day one.
  6. Communication tools like Video Training, Live Chat/Consulting on demand.
  7. Coaching and Q&A Call
  8. Email Support
  9. Your Property on our Direct BookingWebsite: One (1) > List your place on Mondsool
  10. An article about Your Property with a link to your Website: One (1)

★ What’s included in the Starter?

I’ll show you a DIY direct booking website. Select Standard and Advanced for more.

  • Delivery Time for a mobile-friendly web design: 4 days
  • Number of Revisions: Zero (0)
  • Number of Pages: One (1)
  • Number of Plugins/Extensions Installed: Two (2)
  • Responsive Design
  • Bookable Website

★★ What’s included in the Standard?

I’ll design the website template ready to upload pictures and content.

  • Delivery Time for a mobile-friendly web design: 8 days
  • Number of Revisions: Two (2)
  • Number of Pages: Ten (10)
  • Number of Plugins/Extensions Installed: Four (4)
  • Responsive Design
  • Bookable Website
  • Design Customization

★★★ What’s included in the Advanced?

I’ll design the website and upload the images and text. You do nothing.

  • Delivery Time for a mobile-friendly web design: 12 days
  • Number of Revisions: Four (4)
  • Number of Pages: Twenty (20)
  • Number of Plugins/Extensions Installed: Six (6)
  • Design Customization
  • Responsive Design
  • Bookable Website
  • Showcase multiple properties


Why choose me

I am a “Vacation Rental Specialist” since 2014. I also make websites for Vacation Rentals, Holiday Homes, BnB(s), Hotels, Villas, Resorts, Homes, and Apartments. So following an epic career in all realms of hospitality, I have worked with thousands of short-stay accommodation owners to date. Because of that, I have been helping them skyrocket their direct bookings. I have also created Mondosol.

Mondosol is helping worldwide Rental Owners increase Bookings. It also shows their property to people on the Internet. Mondosol has 9 years of experience on Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway,, TripAdvisor, Lodgify, Wheelhouse, PriceLabs, Mailchimp, WordPress, and Shopify.

Established in 2011, Mondosol in 2017 was globally recognised as the third biggest Professional host of Airbnb Featured in “La Repubblica” n.1 newspaper in Italy (read more about on this article). It gives hosts the tools, tactics, and training to boost their profits – with actionable advice.

Let’s start on your project now!

So you can have a Free Consultation Service for your startup or business.

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Starter, Standard, Advanced

25 reviews for Create your website with Lodgify

  1. Kehinde A.

    It’s been such an exhilarating and exciting journey! The very best decision I could’ve ever mad was taking this course. I have learnt so many useful tools in my career path.

  2. Krissy

    I bought this because I’m interested in the idea of making sales commission from hotels in my area and setting up a system for that.

  3. Simone M.

    The course is what I’ve been looking for: simple and applicable to the reality!
    Elio has a great knowledge of several aspects of this job.

  4. Lisa B.

    Very detailed explanations and examples of what exactly to say and do with a potential hotel client. Proves the reason why hotels need to partner up with direct response copywriters/marketers to improve their revenue and to distance themselves from the OTAs. Now I feel completely confident to work hand-in-hand with a hotel with the knowledge I’ve gained through this course.

  5. Vinus

    This course is handy and well organized. The approach ensures you set up many different forms of marketing to operate simultaneously. Elio and Jose show you significant ways to increase revenue because by taking the control away from the OTAs. Elio has clearly studied the hospitality industry thoroughly. That’s why his guidelines are solid.

  6. Darnel

    The course prepares you for a career in the marketing business if you are willing to put in the hours. Really great course and super well presented.

  7. Judith Culp

    Step by step useful. There is a LOT of information in here. Implementation is the only way to absorb it. Thank you for a great class.

  8. Pearson

    I like the course with good presention skills.

  9. Venkat

    Lot of great content. I’m frankly surprised at how much I’m learning!

  10. Milena D.

    After years of repeating works this really helps me to get what I need to live my career as a property manager.

  11. Danila N.


  12. Daniel Asseff D.

    If you don’t know anything about the hotel industry, start here. If you already know something, this course might be too basic.

  13. Rayan H.

    Thanks for the effort of releasing this course very helpful !

  14. Anastasia D.

    this course was a very good way to learn about hotels and how to deal with many aspects of hotels as a beginner. very helpful !!!

  15. Brenda L C.

    Content was good. Some things didn’t apply. It would be good to show example

  16. Dihannah B.

    Clear and easy to understand.

  17. Falade Idowu T.

    I really appreciate the lecture,it gave me clear insight on expected areas I have little knowledge about

  18. Florence S.

    This course is a good match for me because as a General Manager is better to know about accommodation payment and services that you may require for your property.

  19. Rajveer S.

    This course is really good. I get much knowledge with the help of the videos.

  20. Hazel T.

    A Very Good course! It helps me to understand a lot on each departments and their importance in the hotel business and more, Thank you.

  21. Jane Zion A.

    very insightful and detailed

  22. AlMuhark S.

    They did a very good job. Are very co-operative and deliver the task on-time.

  23. Anthony G.

    Used them twice and they never disappointed me. You can see their work in action at Since, day one I have told them to make the site how they feel it should look as I do not have the design ability to.

  24. Denzel

    Wow, my site was a train wreck. I have been building slowly over the last two years. Within 7 days, he took it to the next level and something i could be proud to say is our family’s business website.
    I have already started tell my fellow friends about this site and him. Now, I have also ask Mondosol to do SEO and maintenance every 90 days to 6 months.

  25. Water Rocks P.

    Thanks Mondosol for all the quality work and excellent customer service. I am very pleased and appreciative of you being able to move my author website and redesign it to my requests. I will be happy to refer you to my colleagues and use your services for my clients in the future.

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