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Online Banner in Mondosol

Choose one of the online banners available:

  • A Leader Board 728×90  for €146
  • A Mid Rectangle 300×250 €126
  • A Small 3:1 Rectangle 300×100 €48

Are you looking to Advertise with Online Banner in Mondosol?

Do you know that Since 2010, Mondosol provides exceptional opportunities. For exposing travel and hospitality services in many languages you can reach potential customers across the travel and hospitality industry worldwide. Our online publications give readers an up to date feed of travel market inspirations, trends, and exclusive thoughts, as well as the important current tourism industry news. You will:

  • Identify and target relevant customers for your business with 20k readers/month
  • Craft effective outreach messages and pitches.
  • Develop high-quality content for your listing.
  • Find clients that are landing on your website.
  • Increase visibility and credibility.
  • Improve search engine rankings.

With respected reviews and loyal readers, many bookings have been completed through our website
When you partner with our website (20k readers/month), you will get online banners like:

  1. A Leader Board 728×90  for €146 
  2. A Mid Rectangle 300×250 €126
  3. A Small 3:1 Rectangle 300×100 €48

1. A Leader Board 728×90  for €146

Leader Board Online Banner on Mondosol Website



2. A Mid Rectangle 300×250 €126


3. A 3:1 Rectangle 300×100 €48


Terms and conditions for Travel Advertising

Our publication queue for contributed articles can be up to 3-4 months long.
To ensure our article backlog doesn’t grow, we publish only the most useful articles for our audience.
accordingly, we tend to be highly selective. In conclusion for more information follow our Guest Post Guidelines

*We have a large customer base prepared to pay for your product or service:

  • 10 k+ monthly viewers on the site
  • 21k LinkedIn followers,
  • 750 Twitter followers,
  • 530 Instagram followers
  • 9.4k Facebook likes

Also it is easy placing a text-based link in our site or provide you with a New Article with the link already.

Additional information


Leader, Mid, Small


DA: 24
DR: 17
Completion rate: Up to 98.56%
Tasks with Initial Domain & Price: 100.00%
Spam Score: 1%
Avg lifetime of links: Up to 99.53%
Monthly traffic: 14k
Organic Traffic: 37
ahrefs 12,025,052
TAT: 7 days
Links: Dofollow
Country: United States
Language: English


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