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Ok so the Social Media Marketing packages for your restaurants, bars, and cafeterias are unique and professional. Also you can come up  with Mondosol most popular services and unique style. So by selecting one of the options you will receive:

Little Perfect for small business owners (1-2 people)

  • The restaurants pay to be part of the Mondosol Eat service
  • Number of Reviews: 1
  • Number of Posts: 4 on 1-2 platform (designs, captions, hashtags, emojis, scheduling)
  • Your menu or other designs for restaurants, bars, and cafeterias with a unique and professional style
  • Delivery Time: 2 days
  • Number of Revisions: 2
  • Number of Pages: 4
  • Print-Ready
  • Suggested adjustments that you can do by yourself.

Medium Ideal for medium size business owners (3-20 people) who want to increase their direct bookings.

  • The restaurants pay to be part of the Mondosol Eat service
  • Number of Reviews: 2
  • Number of Posts: 8 on 2-4 platform (designs, captions, hashtags, emojis, scheduling)
  • Photos Available for Personal Use
  • Your menu or other designs for restaurants, bars, and cafeterias with the colors, styles, and themes of your choice
  • Delivery Time: 1 days
  • Number of Revisions: 2
  • Number of Pages: 8
  • Print-Ready
  • Source Files.

Big For a chain (restaurants worldwide) who want to create a unique brand with style, not just a simple listing.

  • The restaurants pay to be part of the Mondosol Eat service
  • Number of Reviews: 3
  • Number of Posts: 16 on 4-6 platform (designs, captions, hashtags, emojis, scheduling)
  • Professional Photos Available for Personal Use
  • Suggestions for Menu Style;
  • Delivery Time: 3 days
  • Number of Revisions: Unlimited
  • Number of Pages: 16
  • Print-Ready
  • Source Files.
  • Complete optimization of the Menu assets (descriptions, photos, graphic, etc).
  • Creation and management of Online Ordering System (Gloriafood, Foodora, Wolt, Weorders or others)
  • Obtain a property description for your business in Mondosol with Keywords research and implementation;
  • Have a captivating bio for yourself as an owner;
  • Optimization of photos, including keywords implementation for photo captions (up to 40);
  • Obtain a brand logo, name and establish your identity.

How can I promote my business with Mondosol Social Media Marketing Packages?

In fact you can be the most successful restaurant, bar and cafeterias with highly optimized social media. So position yourself for your target group and stop taking time away from your business to keep your audience engaged.

In fact, this is where we come in. So will create an exclusive campaign for your social media, managing your accounts 👍 Therefore we will make several posts per week + hashtags + planning 

In this moment I currently have more than 600 customers all over the world that are fully optimized. I am also running this service for more than 7 years, which allowed me to have the 3rd largest Graphic Design company . In the end I can help you with your restaurants, bars, and cafeterias to boost the performance of your business.

Mondosol Eat service

Il Monello New York Restaurant featured on
Il Monello New York Restaurant featured on

OK so Mondosol eat services are some of the things we do for your restaurant, bar and cafeteria.
In fact in order to have a great ambiance and attract more customers you will get:

  • Popular and Professional Models eating in your place
  • A table of pretty people in the middle of the week posting about your place
  • 100% High Quality photos with amazing photographers on the market
  • Vector-influencers
  • Post content on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Business Profile, Pinterest and Twitter for the success of your business.
  • A complete Content Creation service for Social Media that Includes:
    ✔️ Market/Competitors research
    ✔️ Content Creation/Design
    ✔️ Captions/Copy Writing
    ✔️ Hashtags Research
    ✔️ Revisions
    ✔️ Content Scheduling/Posting
    ✔️ Custom/Branded Content for your Business

    For the following Platforms:
    ⭐ Facebook
    ⭐ Twitter
    ⭐ Linkedin
    ⭐ Instagram
  • VIP Very Important People that are going to influence someone’s choice to go in your place
  • A complete review (TripAdvisor , Google+ from 6-Years Local Guide Expert, Trustpilot and Facebook)

Models eating at a Pizza Restaurant
Models eating at a Pizza Restaurant

In the end the key is to post on “Social media with models, that repay the restaurant, bar and cafeteria with their image and bigger audience”. Additionally this showcases the ambiance, food and drinks that are assets for many different businesses.
As result you attract your potential customers.     

Attractive Restaurant Menu Design Packages

In fact my techniques will help elevate your brand since they are highly creative, contemporary, minimal, distinctive, and timeless. Here are some things you get while you attract more bookings:

  • Stunning and Professional Food Menu
  • Unique, clean and Eye-Catching design
  • 100% High Quality on the market
  • Vector-based design
  • Unlimited revisions until you are satisfied
  • VIP customer service
  • Ready Print File (AI, EPS, PSD, PDF, and JPG file)

Ok so remember, the key is to create a compelling and informative menu that showcases the unique aspects of your food and drinks. It also  provides a positive experience for your potential customers.     

Why choose Restaurants Packages from Mondosol? 

OK so choose one the package from Mondsol because we have over ten years of experience in the marketing industry. Also we are focused on helping businesses maximize their potential and achieve their goals. So in order to have more customer you will get:
  • 300dpi JPEG, PNG, PDF or any others file format
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Fast Delivery
  • Unlimited revision in the BIG package
  • Get Answer Of Questions in Few Minute.
  • Unique Spectacular Designs

Obtain a personalized Designs Packages for your business

Over 1K+ Businesses Found Their Visual Identity With Mondosol Help. In fact we have perfected the art of creating strong brands through  packaging, labels, brand identity, UI and UX design, Book design and logos. In fact our team of experienced designers can create:

  • Website with table and menu ordering system
  • Restaurant menu
  • Food menu
  • Food flyer
  • Vintage style menu
  • Digital board menu
  • Any kind of flyer
  • Roll up banner
  • and many more

Obtain a brand logo, name and establish your identity.

  • One of the first steps is establishing your identity. So we will develop a distinctive brand logo and name.
    As a matter of fact a well-designed logo not only visually represents your brand but also communicates its values, personality, and uniqueness. Similarly, a catchy and memorable brand name can help leave a lasting impression on your target audience.
  • When crafting a logo, we consider elements such as colors, typography, and symbols that align with your brand’s personality and target market. So Mondosol professional designer can assist you in translating your vision into a visually appealing and meaningful logo. As a result the logo will resonates with your audience.
  • Alongside a logo, selecting a suitable brand name is equally important. So your brand name should be easy to remember, pronounce, and reflect the essence of your business. After conducting thorough research we ensure that your chosen name is not already in use and also legally available for registration.
  • Once you have a logo and name, we make consistent use of it across all your marketing materials, including your website, social media platforms, packaging, and also advertisements. In fact consistency in branding helps build recognition and trust among customers.

Frequently asked questions 

Once the order is placed, which is the next step?

Ok so my process is very interactive and team-based, which enables me to generate a final result. Also this precisely satisfies the client’s expectations. On top I will always communicate clearly and deliver your order on schedule. In other words – your business receives much more views, reservations and money for you. Once the order is placed, you will download a document with my requirements and questions related to your niche. Also the first post will be crafted for image and text approval. Because of this, we can set up the image that will be used for the entire project.

When will the first post be published?

Once all posts are approved, a schedule will be suggested.
So posts will be published according to the schedule.

Will I be able to see the graphic designs before they are published?

YES, you can see the graphic design while I am still working on.
So I will start publishing them once you have approved all the posts.

How are the posts created?

So the posts are created based on your website and niche.
Additionally they are one-of-a-kind branded posts in relevance to your business.
Also they come together with engaging content, trending hashtags, emojis, and URL links. 
In the end a professional designer will craft unique posts.

Do you set up accounts?

It is possible only to set up your social media account while you are on the Big Package.
Otherwise all accounts will be provided before any work is started.

Do you work on a long term collaboration?

Yes, of course I work on a long term collaboration.
As a result I offer you discounts on my packages if you decide on a long term collaboration.

Does your work include professional design?

All posts are done by a professional designer. Because I understand that, it is an important differential point.
So our professional designers create and develop your brand image if you don’t have one.

What Kind of Restaurant Food Menu I Do?

So for the Restaurant Food Menu You can choose between:

  • Single Side
  • Double Side
  • Bi-Fold
  • Tri-Fold
  • A4 Size
  • Custom Size

What type of source files do I Get?

Ok so the type of file You can choose between are:

  • PDF Standard SUGGESTED. Best for documents (and emailing).
  • PDF Print. Best for printing.
  • PPTX. Microsoft PowerPoint document.
  • MP4 Video. High Quality video.
  • JPG. Best for sharing.
  • PNG. Best for complex images, illustration.
  • SVG. Best for web design and animations.
  • GIF. Short clip, no sound.
A Canva account is required so if you do not have one use this link to get a free account.

What shall I provide to place an order?

You can provide between:

  • Menu Format/Pages
  • Menu Text File
  • Logo
  • Image (If you have any)
  • Also any particular design as you demand.

What is your Revision policy? How many revisions/modifications can I get?

I can only provide you with changes in the existing design.
So if you want an entirely new design concept you have to pay extra.

What shall I do if I do not have any logo?

If you do not own any logo, there is no problem. In fact I will use your company name.
Otherwise you can order my BIG package so I can make a stunning logo for you.

Additional information




Delivery Time: BIG 24 Hours, MEDIUM 48 Hours, LITTLE 72 Hours

Completion rate: Up to 98.56%

Tasks with Initial Domain & Price: 100.00%

Country: US, Canada, Switzerland, Spain, England, Ukraine, Thailand, Bali, Greece, and other European countries;

Language: English, Italian.

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