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Adopt a pet. When is the best time?

The Pet Rabbits

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Do you want to adopt a pet? It is important to know when is the best time to adopt a pet because animals bring joy but also big responsibilities. And that is why you might be in a difficult situation at this moment. 

If you are like me at the end of a relationship, moving to a new place, feeling lonely and with financial concerns, you are thinking if this is the best time to get a pet. 

In this post we’ll define when is the best time to adopt a pet, show a few examples and provide you with a test to help you decide.

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What is the best time to adopt a pet?

  • The ideal time to pick a pet is in the springtime.
  • When you have time to train and shower your pet with attention. 
  • When you lead an active lifestyle.
  • When you are financially prepared.
  • When your family is on board.
  • When you are not in the beginning or end of a relationship.
  • When you are not moving in.
  • When you are not taking care of a child or old person.

The times above are signs that indicate if you can take a new member in your family — meaning that in your life you are ready to adopt a pet. Make sure you are able to provide for the needs of your pet for food, housing, socialization, exercise, grooming and veterinary care. 

cute healthy yorkshire terrier with nurse cap and stethoscope
Photo by Sam Lion on Pexels.com

Just like a baby, bringing home a puppy requires a huge commitment of time and patience.

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If you could make your pet understand one thing, what would it be?

I would tell : “I loved you more than any other cat I’ve ever known. You were loyal, loving, well-behaved, beautiful, incredibly smart, and the best friend anyone could ever have asked for. You were an angel sent to watch over me, to be with me, and to make the world a better place, and you did just that. I will never, ever, forget you, what you were like, and how you did just that. Thank you, and thank you again for being my best friend.”

Lovely cat

Why do you want to adopt a pet?

According to the 2021-2022 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), seventy percent of U.S. households own a pet. That’s about 90.5 million families that choose to pick a pet.

So picking a pet means that you as well take responsibility for a creature. You’re making a promise to care for that pet your entire life. You become responsible for your pet’s impact on your family, friends and community.

You should consider carefully what type of pet best suits your family, home, and lifestyle. Therefore if you pick the wrong pet this can be a leading reason to give away, abandon, or give pets up for adoption. And so invest the time and effort to make sure your future pet is the happy one.

How to Calculate the best time to adopt a pet

To know when is the best time to adopt a pet, take this quiz to assess what’s happening in your life right now.

Check the following events (1 point for each event) that happened in your life in the past six months, or may happen in the coming six months and calculate the score.

Answer those questions: Are you …

  • In the End of a relationship.
  • In a Marriage.
  • Moving in with someone.
  • Move to a new place.
  • In a pregnancy or with a new baby.
  • Working many hours.
  • With financial concerns.
  • With a children leaving home or moving back home.
  • Taking care of a family member.
  • With big changes in family routine.
  • In a death situation of a family member.
  • In a death or disappearance situation of a family cat or dog.
  • Given a cat or dog away. 
  • In a health problems of a family member.
  • Starting, changing or quitting a job.
  • Traveling a lot for business or pleasure.
  • With a limited free time.
  • In a graduation from high school or college.
  • With a Family members not on board for adopting a pet.
  • Living with another animal (Add one point for every animal you currently have)

Calcolate the Scoring

0-3: Your life seems fairly stable. Now is probably a good time to consider a pet.

4-6: You have a lot of responsibilities right now. Although adopting an animal may still work for you, an adult well-trained cat or dog would probably be more appropriate.

7-10: You should think twice about this. With all the changes and responsibilities in your life right now, you may not have time to care for an animal. It would probably be better for both you and the pet if you wait until your life settles down a bit.

10+: Bringing a new animal into your life right now is not a wise decision.

A Real story of how James meets a ginger cat.

adopt a pet like James and his cat Bob

James Bowen is a homeless man and former heroin addict, living on the streets of London. After a life-threatening drug-related incident, his social worker Val gets him into a council flat and prescribes him methadone in an attempt to get him off the street. On his first night in his flat James discovers a cat eating his food. Assuming the cat had escaped from somewhere, James tries to return the cat to his real owners.

After letting him go, that same evening the cat returns to James’s flat, this time injured on his back leg. Worried, James consults his neighbor, Betty. She informs James of a local charity vet where she volunteers, and names the cat Bob. Waiting in a queue at the vet, James misses a meeting with Val.

The turning point of the story

After the appointment, James sets Bob free. However, Bob keeps following James into town, drawing more people, making James more wealthy so he decides to keep Bob. Bob becomes a tourist hotspot and James and Betty start to become romantically attached.

Bob does not return for a few days, leaving James devastated. After Bob returns, James feels he is ready to come off the methadone.

A good ending

James awakes healthy. He goes to visit Betty in the middle of moving. James and Betty end on a good way. A journalist requests to write a book him.

James fixes up his relationship with his father Jack and his life turns around for the better. Later, at a book signing, James is celebrated by Val, his father, and a visiting Betty. James and Betty remain supportive friends as James and Bob continue on their journey together.

Reminders for picking a pet

One important thing to consider is where to get your new pet. Of course you could consider adopting. There are many wonderful dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals at most local animal shelters. What’s more, the staff at your local animal shelter can help you find just the right pet for you. They know the animals in their care and can help you make a good match for your personality and lifestyle.

Another important thing we talk about is what pet you should get. A cat, dog, bird and of course, every kid wants a pony! You should know what type of animal best fits your home. Will you be able to live with pet hair, a litter box or the occasional wear-and-tear caused by pets?

Remember that some pets have special needs that require additional cost or effort. Think of the needs your pet will have for food, housing, socialization, exercise, grooming and veterinary care, and make sure you can afford and are willing to provide. 

Tips for picking a pet

One tip is that to get a pet requires a lot of work. You and your family need to be prepared to take care of your pet for that first year at least. You need to pay a lot of attention to your pet so you need to have time to focus on your pet.

Another tip is when you feel like you have educated yourself about pets and you know what is coming you have to be prepared to know exactly what you’re going to deal with. You can’t get a dog and then start educating yourself. 

Pick a pet on your time

In conclusion the ideal time to pick a pet is in the springtime. It is a good time to start having a dog potty trained. Therefore It’s an ideal time to take your pet out and also take care of it in general, because it’s not raining or cold.

Instead the christmas holidays are not the best time to get a pet. Too many things are happening during this season. Winter in general is not a good time for you to get a pet because it is cold, raining and snowing. 

It’s also not an ideal time to get a pet when you have just lost a pet and you are not in a good state of mind to bring a pet into your home.

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Hey, I'm elio mondello. I'm determined to make a business grow. My only question is, Are you the one?

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