Who is Dr. Rohan Weerasinghe?

DR. ROHAN WEERASINGHE is the Global Property Investment Guru


“Building Wealth and Financial Freedom through Property”

For almost two decades,  has been speaking to audiences in the fields of education, inspiration, personal growth, business and wealth creation. Having touched thousands of lives, Rohan is now recognised as one of the UK’s most inspiring speakers.

Having created an entire live and online education program, built successful businesses and experience business failure, Rohan has developed many powerful tools and learning lessons for his audiences. Today Rohan is called upon by companies, seminar organisers, sales organisations, training companies, charities, colleges and universities to deliver powerful and moving presentations.


His primary message has three elements:

–   The importance of aligning with our true Purpose

–   Understanding and re-aligning the core values that define who we are

–   Developing a deeper, universal connection in order that we tap into unlimited resources that will allow us to achieve our purpose and to be able to give beyond ourselves

Rohan doesn’t just teach property investing, he practices it himself, having established successful property businesses globally. He will show you how to develop a global property investment business that makes money while you sleep.


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Elio Mondello is Mondosol's Chief Executive Officer, leading the company as it builds a trusted marketplace for people to list, discover, and book accommodation around the world online. He is also an entrepreneur and academic looking for adventure.

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