Who is Gerry Robert and why you should write a book?

Aren’t you just sick and tired of talking about that book you never wrote?

Struggling to create Marketing, Advertising, and Sales Systems that actually make you money? If you are not in sales then aren’t you fed up with paycheck to paycheck living? Wouldn’t you like to catapult your sales and skyrocket your income?

Gerry Robert, is the author of the international bestselling book, The Millionaire Mindset that will show you what it takes to get your book done and how you can use that book to catapult your income and your business!

When you become an author you instantly gained several advantages to help you promote your practice. I’m not talking about “best seller” or being the next Tom Peters or John Grisham. I’m talking about becoming an author for one purpose and one purpose only that is boosting sales and income.

People ever written books are perceived as experts. Prospects see your name and face on a book cover and in our culture, you are viewed as credible and as an authority figure.

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Plain and simple, the more credible you are the more sales you will make. Why? Because people will trust you more.

Let’s say a magazine that your prospects read all the time has an opening for a regular column on your topic. They put the word out that they are looking for possible people to write that column. You think it would be great exposure; and you would be right

They receive several submissions but you submit your proposal all along with a copy of your book on the same topic. Now who would you think will be invited to write a column? Of course, the author will get the gig.

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Jean Ann Dorrell is a financial advisor to seniors in Florida. Her market is crowded with competitors. Her book “Protect Yourself; Everything Seniors Need to Know to Avoid Being Taken Financially” gives her a very unique and credible position in her marketplace.

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