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Education is an activity that you do to achieve more knowledge, learning skills and character traits. You can develop understanding, rationality, kindness, and honesty.

You want to look for high demand skills available in several online courses. In Mondosol we offer an online course in real estate for example.

More and more people are looking for courses online to learn skills in the comfort of their homes.

What it means to be educated?

You are truly educated when you are developing the knowledge and skill to understand complexity. You learn everything around you and the necessary skills to navigate the world.

What is the difference between educating and learning?

You gain knowledge through educators. Furthermore, learning is a basic instinct that we all have. Learning is an informal and ongoing process. On the other hand, education is a formal and temporary process.

What are the 4 pillars of education?

The four pillars of Education for the 21st century that Jacques Delors (2001) refers to UNESCO, in the form of a report, comprises: Learning to Know, Learning to do, Learning to Live and Learning to Be.

Is learning by doing effective?

Learning by doing is an effective technique because it helps ingrain knowledge into your memory.

What Type of Learning Works Best For You?

Everyone learns differently.

For example, let’s take a student in a school that can read text books and memorize facts with ease. When test time comes the student has the answers from memory. However, most people learn  by doing the real thing.

Mondosol understands this and to help explain the different ways people learn, we use the Cone of Learning diagram.

rich dad's cone of learning

You see that while the student can remember things by simply reading, most of us need to do the real thing in order to fully comprehend it. We need to rely on physical and emotional memory.

It’s because of those differences that we created real estate classes, coaching and training program available online. You can partner with us to get world-leading real estate courses and classes that will give you the education you want and need.

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