Mondosol Coaching is designed to attract millions more hosts. Mondosol is taking a proactive approach by expanding its innovative Direct Booking program. CEO Elio Mondello himself is actively participating in the program, providing an opportunity for personal interaction with him. This presents a unique chance to engage directly with the leadership and gain valuable insights.

Live webinars 1-to-1 host coaching

Mondosol passionately selects exceptional Superhosts to serve as Affiliate partners, harnessing their remarkable skills to captivate, nurture, and win over aspiring hosts, empowering them to create flourishing listings. Embracing this brilliant approach, Mondosol guarantees an unrivaled hosting experience that exceeds all expectations.

Discover an exciting new strategy that harnesses the power of enthusiastic Affiliates. These dedicated individuals thrive on hosting engaging Meet webinars and offering personalized 1-to-1 coaching sessions, empowering aspiring hosts to flourish and achieve remarkable success. You can learn more about this innovative approach on Get ready to embrace a world of endless possibilities!

Mondosol like Aibnb wants more places to stay

In a recent interview with CNBC, Brian Chesky emphasized that Airbnb needs more places to stay due to increased bookings and trends like remote work.

We have 4 million hosts. We are going to need millions more.… we think there’s going to be a travel rebound coming that’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen

Chesky said

Travel industry site Skift, relying on data from Transparent, believes that Airbnb needs to attract new hosts, as it has lost a lot of them since the start of the pandemic.

Mondosol is One in 10 Hosts that Left Airbnb

Mondosol has launched a “Direct Booking” campaign. It consists of several properties offered in the website to be booked directly. A new property owner or manager can find a series of getting started advice on how to list their place on this page. Mondosol will guide people by phone, video call, or chat with a streamlined listing creation funnel.

Sure! I’d be happy to assist you with that. Mondosol Affiliates are not only dedicated to actively engaging with potential hosts online and offline, but they also play a vital role in providing guidance and support to spontaneous leads right on Mondosol’s website. Let me walk you through how this amazing process works.

How Affiliates find hosts for Mondosol

The Mondosol Affiliates Program wants you to find, vet and grow new hosts.This is how individual entrepreneurs can find and attract new hosts on behalf of Mondosol:

  • Online host recruitment strategies:
    • Refer people to Mondosol by sharing referral links
    • Connect with potential hosts on public forums or networking groups (e.g. Facebook Groups)
    • Leverage your own social media platform (e.g. Instagram)
    • Create an online hosting course or webinar
  • Offline host recruitment strategies:
    • Distribute business cards or flyers within your community
    • Create a local mailing campaign
    • Lead or co-lead an event to share the benefits of hosting
    • Attend a hosting, real estate, or finance networking event

How to do the Coaching

In the past, when property owners wanted to list their properties on online travel marketplaces, they had to go through a person who would manually upload their property information. It was a time-consuming and expensive process.

Companies like Mondosol have created self-service funnels for vacation rental owners. These funnels allow hosts to sign up, create an account, and list their properties quickly and easily. These user-friendly funnels are designed to streamline the process of listing a property and make it more efficient for hosts.

Many people who visit host sign-up pages are unsure about whether hosting is right for them. They may have concerns or doubts about the risks involved. Some start the process but struggle with certain tasks, such as choosing a title for their listing, setting a price, or organizing their photos.

Mondosol Affiliates step in to assist hosts of all sizes, providing affordable and valuable support.

Mondosol Coaching is designed to attract millions more hosts.