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What is the average salary in Norway?

The salary for people working in Norway is typically from 24,422.00 NOK (minimum salary) to 72,209.00 NOK (or higher). This is the total monthly salary including bonuses. Salaries can vary rustically among different job categories and cities. If you want to learn a new skill go here


Love to travel again

So today I start to travel again. I’m back in the travel business. It feels so good and so strange. In the airport now there are almost no people and the one working they seem fed up not very happy. I had to take a very annoying corona test. It made me cry and I have used all my ­čĺ░… Anyway is a strange … Read More Love to travel again

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Renting a house. In fact, thousand. Airbnb landowner

He was born to share the room. Now through the site there are hundreds of apartments. Resurrecting the brokers and making the hoteliers go crazy from the article of Riccardo Staglian├▓ in Venerdi of … Professional photos to put on site, detailed descriptions, quick answers (“Before you were efficient if you respond within a day, now within an hour”) are all the annoyances that owners will not have … Read More Renting a house. In fact, thousand. Airbnb landowner