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Renting a house. In fact, thousand. Airbnb landowner

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– Elio Mondello, CEO & Founder

Airbnb was born to share the room.

Now through the Airbnb site there are hundreds of apartments. Resurrecting the brokers and making the hoteliers go crazy

Inside of a house in Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy – managed by Mondosol


from the article of Riccardo Staglianò in Venerdi of Republica.it

… Professional photos to put on site

Detailed descriptions, quick answers (“Before you were efficient if you respond within a day, now within an hour”) are all the annoyances that owners will not have to deal with. A commission of 15 percent, of whom the 5 goes to the American company (Airbnb also known as Host fees, in addition to the 12 percent asked from the guest, also known as Guest fee). Peace comes with a price. Know the craft as well…

On the rhetoric of human face tourism

The room to be shared with strangers who may become friends, mi casa es tu casa at the time of the algorithm Airbnb has built its founding myth. Starting from the two brilliant and talented young graduates who in 2010 bought three inflatable mattresses to transform their living room into a production tool. After the twenty-four billion dollars of stock market capitalization, the storytelling has not changed.

Thus, in order to support the family dimension, the company census focuses on hosts. Of the 83,300 that in 2015 in Italy opened their doors to strangers, 87 percent had between one and two listings, while only 4 percent more than four. Amateur guest rooms, as we wanted to demonstrate. If it was not for, starting with the same data but focusing on the number of listings, the association of hoteliers (known as Federalberghi) has a different picture. 

“Because almost 5,000 hosts with 3 to 4 listings, are the 4 percent of hosts but weigh almost 20 percent of the ads.” It is explained Maria Stella Minuti of Incipit Consulting who analyzed them. To complicate the comparison are the information not perfectly matchable. Changing the unit of measure varies the result, now very democratically (as a business propaganda), now quite unequal (Federalberghi report the unfair competition of those who do their job with far lesser rules)…

A photo of Elio and Linn Mondello, co-owner of Mondosol

Until a couple of years ago perhaps,

he grants Elio Mondello, co-owner of Mondosol, with 134 ads in the top ten of Federalberghi: “Airbnb is born on hosts, but today it is moving to the guests because it is where they makes the money. So if someone out of mind destroys a room or leaves monstrous reviews (and unjustified) they do nothing to him. In the end it will become like Booking, but with a better aura. 

“Before you could talk to Airbnb on the phone, now you can just write an email.”

Mondello, a graduate in marketing in Milan, met his Korean wife in London where she studied “cultural tourism”. That is the type of tourism that highlight the places outside the classical circuits. 

Back in Italy they began to give English lessons to hotel owners. Then accompanied a group of Norwegians in Sicily. It went so well that they continued, specializing on residences and other facilities to be valued on Airbnb. Everything operated from Oslo, “where everything works and we pay 37 percent of taxes against the Italian 50 percent”…

A photo of  Mondosol operational town, Hønefoss (Oslo), in Norway. 

People turn, the economy pulls. Let’s toast, but let’s update the rhetoric of the individuals who rent the room to round up. They exist, earning 2300 euros on average per year, they pay taxes or not (certainly the multinational declares ridiculously low). But in perspective the real money will come from the professionals, not from the amateurs.

A recent study by the University of Siena explains how few players in Airbnb already make the big revenue. For Mondosol a future of sold out.

(28 July 2017)

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Hey, I'm elio mondello. I'm determined to make a business grow. My only question is, Are you the one?

Do you want more traffic?

Hey, I'm elio mondello. I'm determined to make a business grow. My only question is, are you the one?

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