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  • How do you tell your family you can’t afford Christmas?

    “Talk to the family in person or give them a call to tell them why you can’t afford Christmas”. After all the idea is to manage expectations as much as possible, so tell them that due to your financial situation this year, you just can’t participate in the holiday tradition of gift-giving or …

  • Happy Birthday
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    Happy Birthday

    Everyday someone dear to my heart turns another year older. I want to do everything to make their day memorable. If you’re throwing a birthday party or planning a dinner at the your favorite restaurant, I give you my Wishes and invitation to Birthday Clubs for free stuffs. 

  • How to have clean water at home

    How to have clean water at home

    In a world where over 10,000 people die every year just drinking water. We have an urgent need for access to clean water in every home. While higher authorities might be doing their best to provide us with clean and safe drinking water, we too have a responsibility. We need to ensure that our homes…