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What to eat everyday for health and wealth

the food pyramid of what to eat everyday

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Are you ready to learn what I eat everyday to improve your health and energy?

If you’ve ever tried to do anything productive with low energy, you will know that it’s a constant struggle.

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Imagine your dream course Thumbnail (1)

This is why I make my health a top priority like I talk in my Amazon best seller book Imagine your Dream.

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Research suggests that regular exercise and a healthy diet can lead to higher levels of productivity, happiness, and motivation.

When you have your health, you have everything. In the words of Jim Rohn, “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”

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Everyone can eat following this idea.

The nutritional pyramid is a graph that shows the food groups and the quantities needed for our daily needs of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, vitamins and minerals for a healthy and balanced diet.

The foods at the base of the pyramid are those to be consumed in larger quantities, while the quantity must be decreased as you go up. Even if water is not indicated in the pyramid, it is the fundamental basis of life and you must drink at least 2 liters of it a day.

First level:

BREAD / CEREALS / RICE / PASTAThey provide carbohydrates and fiber. You need to ingest 7/12 portions * per day.

Second level:

They provide carbohydrates, low biological level proteins and fibers. You have to ingest 5 or 6 portions * per day.

Third level:

They provide carbohydrates and fiber. It is necessary to ingest 3 or 4 servings * a day and sugary fruit juices and canned fruit must be avoided.

Fourth level:

They provide calcium, high biological value proteins and fats. Eat 2 or 3 servings * per day.

Fifth level:

They provide high biological value proteins (low value legumes), fats and iron, vitamin B12, iodine and zinc. 2 or 3 portions * per day should be taken.

Sixth level:

OILS / FATS (butter, dried fruit …)
They bring calories and fat. Dried fruit also provides proteins, some vitamins and minerals. 1 or no serving * should be taken per day.

Seventh level:

They bring a lot of calories. Ingest them a few times a week.

Unfortunately, we live in a culture that promotes overeating. An addiction to fast food, coupled with a lack of interest in physical activity has given rise to an epidemic of obese and unhappy people. Not surprisingly, this unhealthy way of life leads to lower levels of energy, productivity and an inability to achieve one’s goals. I believe that all of us have a responsibility to ourselves to take care of our bodies. Make sure you know what to eat everyday. 

Restrict food intake

Before I share with you what I eat everyday, I first want to mention that I do intermittent fasting every single day. This means that I restrict food intake for 12-16 hours. There are so many incredible benefits to doing this, one of which is weight loss. A 2018 study found that following the 16:8 diet where dieters fasted for 16 hours and ate regular meals for 8 hours helped obese participants consume 350 fewer calories and lose 3% of their body weight over 12 weeks.

Digestion is one of my biggest problem. 

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I have problems to digest, I always did since I was little. My stomach produce too much acid and gas taking forever to digest. Every year, I go into a liquid diet with shakes that are fast to digest and allow the body to use its stored energy. I also focus on things like detoxing and fat burning. I consume more liquid nutrition that doesn’t have a lot of fiber that my body has to digest. One of the benefits of not putting so much fiber in your body right away is that you can extend your body’s ability to be in a detox mode.

I start my days with water, vitamins and cereals.

Once I open up the eyes in the morning I drink water, healthy tea (green) or juices with some lemon and ginger. I make sure to eat cereals and some vitamins in the food I eat like fruits or supplements. I actually focused on listening self positive affirmation that you can listen in my last course or on my YouTube channel, which I encourage you to check out.

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I like to do a walk everyday.

If I’m staying inside or going outside, I always make sure to have a good walk. This ensures that my body is in movement. I have the Samsung Health app on my phone (or you can use another app) to track my steps that will give me the motivation that I need.

After my workout, I like to refuel my body. I’ll eat some cereal bars or make a shake in my Sports Bottle and Shaker with some mixed fruits and water. I avoid dairy altogether. I love to make salads with some sort of protein. My salads always have a variety of different greens. Instead of dressings, I like to put salt and olive oil in my salad. Consuming these foods ensure that I feel energized throughout my entire day.

This is what I eat everyday.

Anything that you want to achieve in life will require a tremendous amount of energy. This is why you master your health. Find what works best for you and commit to taking care of your mind, body, and soul. Your body is one of the greatest gifts that you’ve been given. Take amazing care of it so that you can do more, be more and give more. How will you take better care of your health this week?

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Hey, I'm elio mondello. I'm determined to make a business grow. My only question is, Are you the one?

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