Guest management

How it works

Flexibility is the key word

While running a villa management company in Bali for several years we noticed that the total management process is often not customisable for the owners. Therefore we have introduced our management blocks, where all blocks can be switched off or on at any time depending on your needs.

Above we offer you an overview of the services we provide. The basic service is the “Concierges Service”. This service will be charged on occupied nights. So if there is no occupation, there will be no fee. All other blocks can be added to this service based on your personal needs and wishes. All blocks can be turned on or off any time you like. This will give you the full flexibility to have your property managed the way you want and when you want. Never pay for services you don’t need or the service you can provide by yourself.

We will calculate at the end of the month how many nights your accommodation received guest and the service fee is complete. Even if you stay at the villa yourself, you will not be billed by nights in the Concierges Service if this service is not required at that moment.

After having signed up with our service you will receive a portal where you can simple turn on and off the different blocks at any time.

Import Calendar

In order for us to be informed about every new booking we will give you a portal where we will import your calendar. This can be done via your PMS (Property Management System), Channel Manager or AirBnB/FlipKey/HomeAway.

You can colour each booking to define whether or not you would like to use our concierge service/staff. We kindly ask you to also input your owner stays as our maintenance team will need to know if the villa is occupied or not.


You will be billed every last day of the month. On that day our system will calculate which services were turned on during that month. For the variable blocks (Concierge Services & Staffing) the total occupied nights will be calculated based on your calendar.

Concierge Service

Your guests, our job!

The concierge Service is always included in your blocks, all other blocks can be switched on and off at any time.

What is included?

  • Meet and greet with guest
  • Online platform for the owner with your current calendar fully integrated
  • Online guidebook specially designed and created for your villa
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Guest relation before, during and after their stay
  • Pay per occupied night.

Maintenance supervision

Let us supervise the maintenance of your villa

What is included?

  • Weekly maintenance checks executed by a professional
  • Automatic reporting system for the owner to monitor and approve repairs and maintenance. You can decide yourself if you want to perform necessary repairs and you will set the budget for this. The manager will bring you in contact with an external specialised company. Billing will be done directly to you. We will control the work for you.
  • Pay per month, fixed fee.


We will groom your palmtrees

What is included?

  • One weekly garden maintenance
  • Fertiliser included
  • Pay per M².

Air Conditioner Service

We keep it cool

What is included?

  • Prevents breakdown with our regular checks, which will save complete replacement costs
  • Checks will be performed every 3 months
  • Includes cleaning of air conditioning + refilling freon
  • Pay per 3 months, fixed fee.

Pool Service

Always a perfectly clear pool

What is included?

  • One weekly check and clean by a professional pool cleaning company
  • Chemicals are included
  • Pay per M².

Tax Service

No more standing in line at the tax office

What is included?

  • Monthly tax report filed and controlled by our staff
  • Report your tax to the tax office
  • Pay per month, fixed fee.

Staff Service

Cleaning staff & Security

Whether we have guests staying in your villa or not, to keep your accommodation in a perfect condition there are services needed all year around. Your accommodation is a valuable property and must be checked, maintained and cleaned on a regular basis. We will send staff to your villa at least 2 times a week in a case the accommodation is not occupied. This also ensures that last minute guest will always have a clean accommodation.

The efficient and professional way how the villa staff performs is of great importance for both, the owner and the villa guests. The daily workers in the accommodation are the most important point of contact during the stay of the guests. Therefore we ensure that our housekeeping staff is up to date about guests booking.

We have gained a licence from the BPJS head quarters, so all staff employed by Rumah Dunia Bali will have access to the BPJS health insurance program (previously named Jamsostek). Rumah Dunia is also a partner of Manpower program which is the Indonesian social security institution which overlooks minimum wages, working conditions, pension etc.

Rumah Dunia Bali follows all regulations set by the Indonesian government to provide the best care for our staff. Our human resource department ensures that all the rules are implemented correctly and that the staff knows exactly what they can expect from our company.

What is included?

  • Cleaning staff
  • Pay per occupied night.


  • Security
  • Pay per occupied night.