How Lucia started from B&Bs and growth

Do you know how Mondosol has helped this owner in less than 3 years to get 100% of bookings from here? 



After starting a bed and breakfast with her friend Enrica, Lucia soon discovered that was ready to start a new business and start renting an apartment. She wanted to put efforts into something that felt natural for her. After crunching numbers and analyzing all the costs, she decided to start a positive business partnership with Mondosol.

She decided to rent her property – not far from the city center, a place that’s popular with a variety of tourists – and she rented the beautiful Lucia’s apartment in Santa Cruz not far from Tenerife North Airport!

With previous knowledge of the industry, Lucia was worried about all the decisions to make – how to set rates, attract guests and what taxes she’d have to pay (till this very moment). Lucia also started to rent her apartment in Tuscany in the family B&B advertising the property with Mondosol. They are italian entrepreneurs, running a family business with creativity and hard work, after different activities they are finally living their dream life.


Before subscribing to Mondosol, Enrica and Lucia were advertising their vacation rental on Booking and a few other listing sites. They would spend a lot of time updating all the reservations in the calendar and had a hard time keeping up.

Although they were getting bookings, felt like they had to, spend less time updating calendars and more time taking care of their guests.

The call from Elio in the summer came as a turning moment, Enrica and Lucia needed to start looking for alternative ways to run their vacation rental business.

“My direct bookings were performing well, but I felt I needed to diversify and not put all my eggs in one basket, especially since I did not have returning customers.” – Lucia Bianchini


Before paying for Mondosol commission, Lucia started her 30-day free challenge. She tested the cooperation with the presence in Mondosol website, channel manager with Airbnb, Booking and was even able to see the reservation system in action with direct bookings from Mondosol.

After seven days and with six bookings already in the calendar, it became clear that Mondosol was going to help centralize all reservations and grow their vacation rental business.


Angelina and Ettore love Mondosol because they know their business is in professional hands. That means they can now focus on creating excellent customer experiences, while Mondosol is building their brand, working on compelling descriptions, professional pictures, and a professional local guide to persuade guests to book. Most importantly, Angelina and Ettore keep 85% of the guest total spent plus the cleaning fees from each booking.

“I love that I can have a professional photographer and customer service for my listing.”



Lucia Bianchini was impressed by how easy it was to start building her own presence in Mondosol and connecting the channel manager to other services, like Airbnb and Booking.

She also liked that photos and description were attractive and functional, as well as extremely easy to customize to her taste.

“Mondosol is easy to figure out – anyone can set it up and easily build his own listing. Even a website with stunning templates on offer. You don’t need to be a developer to work out Mondosol, It’s very user-friendly.”


Lucia Bianchini had already gained experience with the B&B and started advertising her property on listing sites like Airbnb. Once her own online presence went live, Mondosol updated her listing details, prices and availability.

Lucia also strongly believes in the power of word-of-mouth referrals – positive reviews of her guests’ experiences have also helped her to secure direct bookings.


Time with MondosolRental IncomeTotal BookingsNights Booked
3 years$18,00041288


Mondosol’s vacation rental package allowed Lucia to collect all her reservations into one place, ensuring to only have to manage one centralized calendar and inbox. She is able to save a lot of time and be much more efficient because does not need to log into various listing sites to manage calendars, inquiries and messages. With Mondosol, her sole focus has been growing her business.

Additionally, in the first months, Mondosol worked hard to optimize her presence online and promote it on different channels. Mondosol’s channel manager, able Lucia, to centralize all her reservations from listing sites and ensure to avoid double booking.

In as little as six months, Lucia could already see results. She realized that with more bookings on listing sites in this first half a year, her rental income totaled more than $7,000!

She is happy to see that consistently, Mondosol increase her revenue at least 300% each year, with bookings from Mondosol and other listing sites and that number is growing everyday. Mondosol software has become her only source of inquiries and bookings.

Her aim this year is to work on getting more direct bookings and outperform the reservations that come from listing sites.

“Mondosol has helped me for less than a year and I’m already getting 100% of my bookings from there.”


Marcia has the following recommendations for new vacation rental owners looking to grow their businesses:

  • Ensure a fast response time to all inquiries
  • Treat all potential guests and booked guests as friends
  • Your vacation rental has to be spotlessly clean and in excellent condition always
  • Invest in maintaining and improving your rental property, it’ll pay off in the long run
  • Whatever you do, get your own website! Gain direct bookings and take back control over your business.

Just give Mondosol a try! It’s easy to get started, uncomplicated to navigate and if you have any doubts, the Mondosol team is always ready to help. It’ll save you lots of time and money!”


Published by Elio Mondello

Elio Mondello is Mondosol's Chief Executive Officer, leading the company as it builds a trusted marketplace for people to list, discover, and book accommodation around the world online. He is also an entrepreneur and academic looking for adventure.

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