What Mondosol can do for an Owner?

I want to start provoking your curiosity with this simple question: Is Mondosol or the property Owner an Idiot?

Ok, let me explain what I mean.

In Mondosol we believe on business partnership with property owners of private homes and hotels. It’s not a competition where Mondosol and the owner are both trying to get the guest so one win over the other.

We Work With You to Optimize Rental Revenue

Ok so if you are a property owner you are probably thinking:

wait a minute, the property is mine, I am doing already good, I want to have control, I want to keep my costs down and profit up. Mondosol is just a cost and I am paying already too much taxes, too much for cleaning, bills, etc…

Ok so you are losing a potential 300% increase in revenue (based on our experience with property owners like Lucia – read more here) when Mondosol has exclusivity with your property using instant booking in all channels.


Now you are thinking:

I am sure we can do well with our property, staff, software and channels. Just help us get more bookings with Mondosol.

I (Elio Mondello, Ceo of Mondosol 🌎🌞) personally think that people are always scared to try and that’s why we decided to make decision risk free:

No money and No commitment with FREE software, work and marketing. Read more

It’s a no brainer and both me and my partner are shocked because property owners are not taking advantage. If you are clever and qualify to work with Mondosol scholarship you can get up to $25000 per year. Look if you are a good fit

I hear what the owners are saying…

Mondosol is not free and charging a very high 15% commission.

It’s correct, Mondosol market your property for 15% commission (when you calculate payments or channel fee commission it’s only 7-11%) for each reservation. Mondosol have the power to create a better reality for your property. Read here more.

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Mondosol is making an investment in the property working hard in the beginning, planting the seeds and watering them every day to see the results coming. It’s risk free for the owner that does not put money and time when we:

business close up commerce computer

After the first part, Mondosol needs to create a presence online for the property and with a contract of exclusivity create or push the property’s brand with direct bookings. In this part Mondosol will:

heart shaped pink and purple flower garden

After that, Mondosol will create partnership and:

  • Use hotel chain or association
  • Use tourist office
  • Use gds (global distribution system like Amadeus)
  • Use ids (internet distribution system like Booking.com)
  • Use listing website like Airbnb
  • Use generic directories like Craigslist
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Once that is done Mondosol will also distribute and promote your content in this way:

  • Use video channels to distribute the video series created for your property
  • Use Social bookmarking
  • Use PR and media channels to Distribute your articles
  • Use email marketing to Distribute your content by direct mail

Every year the owner will collect the results (85% of the total generated revenue – read how  here) with more money and improved reputation. Mondosol will continue to manage your property and operations every year and:

  • Update the property in Mondosol
  • Update the listing in Airbnb and all other channels
  • Update prices on Google sheets where you can also see your transactions
  • Update prices on Mondosol
  • Update prices in Airbnb and all other channels
people coffee meeting team

It’s a lot of work and Mondosol has to pay the software that costs over 400$ a year, the marketing, the staff for communicating with the guests and in some case operation for a total of $25000 per year.

Yes! Mondosol manages all pre- and post-stay communication with your guests.

On the other end owners can enjoy money and the property. If you are a property owner seat back and relax because Mondosol is taking care of everything. Here is how the booking process looks like

Mondosol is putting the work, day and night, holidays included, solving problems with damages and security, dealing with guests, staff, online travel agencies. Ok so why the owner is so critical?

I think people are negative and always think the worst, like:

oh my god what happened if I lose control or they steal from me.

… or they are looking for something wrong that prove them right like:

I do not know if Mondosol can help me because they are in a different city, area, country, they do not speak my language, they do not use my currency, they do not have enough experiences, they are no beautiful or clever or right enough

I believe in who Mondosol is, 100%. It’s a leading company in the hospitality industry improving properties from the bottom to the top every single freaking day. And you do not have to believe one single word I just said, you have to just try it for once.

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Published by Elio Mondello

Elio Mondello is Mondosol's Chief Executive Officer, leading the company as it builds a trusted marketplace for people to list, discover, and book accommodation around the world online. He is also an entrepreneur and academic looking for adventure.

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