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Places to eat free when you post about your meal

A model waiting to order in a caffe restaurant

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– Elio Mondello, CEO & Founder

Are you a fan of places to eat free? Do you like delicious food and scoring freebies? Well, we’ve got great news for you! In this blog post, we’ll be sharing some amazing places where you can enjoy a meal free of charge, simply by posting about it on your social media.

A model drinking in a bar restaurant one of the Places to eat free
A model drinking in a bar restaurant

Mondosol follows The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) Rules

If you follow influencers, celebrities, and models on Instagram, it’s now incredibly normal to see the words “ad,” “#gifted,” and “in partnership with” as you scroll through your feed.

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So nowadays, famous people must let their followers know when they are promoting something or have received free products. This is important to be transparent and honest with their audience.

Mondosol, which currently operates in Oslo, London, Milan, and Malaga, provides models with free meals at top restaurants to post on Social Media about their meal afterwards — and that they have to disclose that the visit was complimentary.

How to find places to eat for free

The models “pay” for your meal “with beauty and influence” according to Elio Mondello, the company’s founder helps improve the image of the restaurant. Also he considers a form of payment on its own for these places to eat free.

There are several ways that you can find places while enjoying a free meal in exchange of your experience on social media. So here are a few tips to help you get started.

Remember, when you participate in these collaborations, it’s essential you are transparent with your audience and disclose that your meal was complimentary. This ensures honesty and maintains trust with your followers. Happy dining and sharing!

You have to become a Mondosol affiliate

Mondosol Eat, launched by entrepreneur Mondello this year, operates through an affiliate program with 99 affiliates. You can find more information on their page here http://mondosol.goaffpro.com/

Mondosol Eat, launched by entrepreneur Mondello this year, operates through an affiliate program with 99 affiliates. You can find more information on their page here.

To become an Affiliate, just request it and the company will verify if you’re a professional model. If you are, they will accept you.

Become a Mondosol Affiliate in order to get places to eat free

Make sure to set up your profile information with social media accounts and picture, payment details, notification preferences and more.

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Currently, Mondosol Eat gets about 30 requests to join each day, but only accepts around 40% of applicants.

“The remaining 60% are individuals aspiring to become models or actors, all hoping for free opportunities,” stated Mondello, the founder of Mondosol, a top hospitality social media marketing company that was established twelve years ago. You can learn more about their restaurant services here.

“We welcome models of all backgrounds, not just famous ones. Even having a modest following on social media can be enough.”

Mondosol sends you restaurant options based on your location.

Only fancy restaurants make it

Elio Mondello is in one of the places to eat free
Elio Mondello, founder of Mondosol and the Mondosol Eat Service

Mondello wants top-notch restaurants. If he doesn’t know one, he’ll research and read reviews.

“We’re all about fancy restaurants, you know? A swanky platform for those who appreciate the finer things,”

Mondello said with enthusiasm

We work in Mondosol with an equal number of restaurants who applied and the one we contacted directly, but the names are not disclosed.

The cost of the service for restaurants can vary, from €100 to €600 per month, depending on the size of the eatery.

“It can vary based on different factors. A small restaurant owned by 1-2 people might not be able to afford the same fees as chain restaurants. We come up with customized agreements.”

Mondello said
A professional photo of a restaurant - places to eat free
A professional photo of a restaurant

“If a chain has three or four restaurants globally, perhaps we can offer a more affordable price. The service is not overly expensive—it’s a reasonable monthly fee. We don’t want anyone to lose out on potential earnings by giving up space for paying customers.”

He said

The models are helping to create a nice atmosphere.

Mondello considers Mondosol to be the 3rd largest company that help restaurants, bars, and cafeterias owners to boost the performance of their business.

Having a pleasant atmosphere in restaurants is crucial for their success, as pointed out by Mondello.

And he thinks that when models are seen eating in the place, it helps.

You as model can visit the restaurant on any day, even Saturdays. You can also help fill up seats during quieter times.

“Having attractive women sitting at a table on a weekday and promoting the restaurant is a valuable asset for them. It helps generate buzz and draw attention. This way, they don’t lose money with an empty table.”

He believes

He also thinks that using Instagram can greatly help businesses succeed.

Nowadays, when you check out a restaurant’s location on Instagram, you’ll often see images of attractive individuals, influential figures, and celebrities. This can greatly influence someone’s decision to visit that restaurant. Social media has become the primary platform for showcasing establishments, making websites less relevant.

Models can invite Elio or their friends

Models eating at a Pizza Restaurant - places to eat free
Models eating at a Pizza Restaurant

The best thing about the service for the models is that they get a free meal. They can eat as much as they want as long as they post on Instagram afterward.

“The models are very important to us. We have the flexibility to go for dinner with them every day, if we want to. Currently, on average, a model eats at our restaurants partner twice a week, which is perfectly fine. In the future, we may have the chance to share meals every day.”

Said Elio Mondello

However, you can’t bring people who are not models or influencers to dine with you. The restaurants only want to host models who are part of the Mondosol Affiliate platform.

“They need to use the app to have control over who comes to the restaurant. If someone shows up without permission, it can cause problems because the restaurant pays to have certain people dining there.”

Mondello said

You as a Model can order from the same menu as everyone else, but be reasonable. However, ordering a €1,000 bottle of wine would not make the restaurant happy.

“We advise restaurants to treat models well by providing them with a nice dinner, just like they would for any other customer.”

He said

A model, who prefers to stay anonymous, mentioned to the Press that she really likes it because being a model nowadays is quite challenging.

“I think they offer a great service that lets me enjoy dining at the top restaurants in my city.”

She said, adding that she uses Mondosol Eat twice a week on average

How to post in those places to eat free

“When you finish your meal, you ask for the bill. Models repay the restaurant by sharing their image with a larger audience through a social media post.”

Mondello said

The models must tag the restaurant, include the location, and importantly, mention that their visit was free of charge or part of an advertising service.

The models must mention Mondosol in their posts as well.

Do not “worry” for Authorities

The popularity of social media ads has led to new rules for influencers. In fact the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) released guidelines for them to follow.

For example, if you’ve been paid or received freebies and the brand had control over your content, you must disclose that your post is an ad.

Link to the guide.

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When you receive a gift but have no control over what you say about it, consumer protection laws still apply, according to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

The CMA wants influencers to let people know if they got any money, free products, or other benefits when they post about something.

The situation would be evaluated individually, according to Matt Wilson, a spokesperson for the ASA. While models could be fined for not disclosing the complimentary meal in their posts, they would likely receive a warning and be educated on best practices first.

Conclusion about the ‘Mondosol Eat platform’

Mondosol Eat embraces the trend of transparency on Instagram. You as a model are not paid to post. In conclusion, there is no monetary payment involved in their case.

“I’m a big Graphic Design company and I assist restaurant, bar, and café owners to improve their business.”

He said

In fact, he believes the reason Mondosol is doing better than competitors is specifically because the free meals are disclosed. Mondello is considering expanding the company to Santorini, New York, and Hong Kong.

So, if you’re looking for a culinary adventure that won’t break the bank, give these fantastic places a try. Remember to embrace your inner foodie, snap some Insta-worthy photos, and enjoy mouthwatering meals without spending a dime. It’s time to eat, post, and repeat!

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Hey, I'm elio mondello. I'm determined to make a business grow. My only question is, Are you the one?

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Hey, I'm elio mondello. I'm determined to make a business grow. My only question is, are you the one?

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