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Welcome to the Georgia, bounded to the west be Black See to the north by Russia, to the south by Turkey and Armenia and to the southeast by Azerbaijan . Georgia covers a territory of 69,700 square kilometers and it’s population is about 3,7 million. The capital and largest city is Tbilisi.

The country has a unique and ancient cultural heritage, and is famed for its traditions of hospitality and cuisine. Georgia is a small country , however, it is distinguished by its diverse nature and different parts. Georgia is home to a highly diverse flora. 

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The country’s varied geographical and climatic zones have given rise to a wide variety of plant species. Western Georgia, with its wet climate, is distinguished by dense forests and a diverse range of plants. The land of our country is abundant in flora and fauna and has a moderate climate; fertile soil and easily cultivated natural resources have made it possible for agriculture in Georgia to thrive. Each part of Georgia is unique with its people and traditions.

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People in Georgia are very welcoming; stories and legends about our country will blow your mind and the Georgian cuisine will make you come back repeatedly. Georgia has always been an appealing country for tourists, yet over the recent years its popularity has sharply increased and more foreign travelers started to flock to its capital and regions. Today Georgia is one of the most unique tourist countries in the world.  

You are invited for a cooperation.

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World Sightseeing Tour – Specialist of Worldwide Holidays was established in 2013 and is the leading Destination Management Company in Caucasus region. We bring new European standards to the travel industry in the Caucasus region and are the experts in organizing general and special interest tours all around Georgia.  

WST group is the number one tourism business in Georgia. From now on, the broad portfolio gathered 4 offices, 4 visitor centre, seven touristic buses, online portal. This integrated offering will enable us to provide their customers with an unmatched holiday experience in Georgia regions. A key feature of their corporate culture is their responsibility for environmental and social sustainability. This is reflected in more than 6 years of commitment to sustainable tourism.  

Our company is assembled with more than 120 experienced and highly motivated employees, who have the ability to think creatively and a deep-rooted sense of providing superior customer service, WST is a dominant local player. Our company has carried over 200 000 customers for 6 years and the main aim is to increase this quantity and open Georgia as a unique travel market for our new partners.

WST is offering partners and customers the following services :
* Corporate Service
* Holiday packages
* Day Tours
* Private tours
* Live Guide & Audio guide services ( more than 14 languages )
* Transfers
* Insurance

We are the first company in Georgia  which has General Public Insurance for  3rd party liability, according to all international standards. 

In case if you need any additional information ,please let us know .

Sincerely yours,

Eka Karapetyan

Leisure Service Manager 

WST ( World Sightseeing Tbilisi) 

Email: welcome@wst.ge
Website: www.wst.ge
Tel.:  (+995 32) 2 43 88 08
Mob: (+995 ) 579 20 50 50
Address: Office1: 44 Kote Apkhazi str, (Shardeni) 
                 Office 2: 1/3 str. Pushkin, Freedom sq.

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