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Travel guide to Bergen Norway

Floyen Natural Gem Close to the City Center at Bergen Norway -Famous Viewpoint- Visit Mondosol

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Welcome to this travel guide to Bergen. There are many ways to visit Bergen in Norway and enjoy iconic sightseeing spots and fun-filled days out to top restaurants and events. If you’re not able to visit just yet, plan ahead to make the most of your next visit.

Travel guide to Bergen -Visit Mondosol.com

Getting to Bergen Norway

Bergen Arrival Guide: Your Comprehensive Travel Guide to Reaching Bergen

Traveling to Bergen is a breeze with various transportation options available. That is why Bergen Airport Flesland provides regular international and domestic flights, while trains and buses offer scenic journeys from Oslo, Trondheim, and Stavanger. Also Island hopping by ferry from surrounding areas is a popular mode of transport. Purchase tickets online to avoid queues and secure lower rates.

View of a control tower of Bergen Airport - Visit Mondosol.com
Photo by JR Buag on Pexels.com

Navigating through Bergen is easy with an efficient public transportation system that includes buses and a light rail. Also taxis and bike rentals are available for a more flexible transport option. The Bergen Card offers unlimited transportation and discounted entry to popular attractions, making it a great investment.

For a unique and scenic journey, take the Flåm Railway that is one of the world’s most picturesque train rides, or explore the fjords by boat on the Norway in a Nutshell tour that is a must-do when in Bergen. Generally book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Flam Railway - Visit Mondosol.com

Pro Tip: Download a transportation app like Skyss Billett to manage transportation schedules and fares conveniently.

If you’re flying to Bergen, be sure to pack your sea legs – the airport is just a boat ride away from the city center!

By air

Travel to Bergen is fastest and comfiest by air! Flights from cities around the globe arrive at Bergen Airport, Flesland. Over 30 airlines, serving 80+ destinations, make the search for flights easy. Most airlines offer direct flights, while some make a stopover in Copenhagen or Oslo. Additionally you can take taxis or public transport to the city center when you land.

During peak seasons, flights get crowded and pricey. Booking early saves money and locks in your travel dates and times. Keep an eye out for airline discounts on off-peak days. SAS, Lufthansa, and British Airways are few of the trusted airlines to book your flight with.

By train

Take the Bergen Railway for an idyllic journey! This train traverses Norway’s breathtaking terrain, connecting travelers between major cities like Oslo and Berlin. Enjoy the view of fjords and alpine lakes, plus a seat-side audio commentary for educational value. The average journey takes six hours.

Customize your experience and stop at Voss Village or Finse Station for skiing and snow sports. Two options are available: First-class (Komfort) with spacious compartments and refreshments, or Second Class (Standard) with comfortable seating and affordable rates. So book seats in advance, because they fill up quickly during busy periods.

For an unforgettable ride, take the train. Or, if driving to Bergen, buckle up and be sure to bring snacks for the seven tunnels!

By car

Traveling to Bergen by private vehicle is an efficient way. Roads and highways connecting the city to the rest of Norway are excellent. Exploring the beautiful Norwegian countryside is possible too. However, parking in the city center is pricey and difficult. Therefore, park outside and use public transport.

Ensure that your car has suitable winter tires during cold months. As there are various routes, check the best one based on time or traffic conditions with a map or GPS.

Electric cars have become popular in Norway due to government incentives. In particular Bergen has many charging stations throughout the city and surrounding areas.

I traveled by car from Oslo to Bergen last year. Road networks and signage were good, though there were road works near Gol causing slight delays. Luckily, we still arrived on schedule. Sleeping in Bergen is like a postcard – lovely but not always practical.

Accommodation in Bergen

In Bergen, there are numerous options available for staying. From budget-friendly hostels to luxurious hotels, there is something for everyone. Accommodation in this Norwegian city is easily accessible with its well-connected transport system. You can find a variety of cozy apartments, charming guesthouses, and trendy boutique hotels throughout the city in our site travel.mondosol.com. Choosing an accommodation depends on location, budget, and personal preferences. Bergen offers a diverse range of options to fit all needs.

When you visit Bergen, staying in a traditional wooden house or a historic hotel can add to the experience. With breathtaking views of the fjords and nature, there are many hotels located in the heart of the city. Therefore you can get the best of both worlds by staying in a location that is both scenic and accessible. Book in advance to ensure the availability of your preferred accommodation.

If you are looking to enhance the traditional feel of your stay in Bergen, you can opt for a hotel that is based on cultural heritage. One such hotel, Thon Hotel Bristol launched in 1920, has been a favorite of tourists for more than a hundred years. It is located in the city center and boasts a rich cultural legacy.

Did you know that Bergen was once the capital of Norway during the 13th century under King Håkon Håkonsson? Sleep like a Viking and wake up to stunning views at the Hotel Havnekontoret in Bergen.


Bergen has plenty of places to stay. For those looking for a premium experience, there are luxurious hotels with the finest amenities and services. These hotels feature stunning fjord views, state-of-the-art technology, and plush bedding. Plus, they offer a variety of leisure activities and dining options.

But if you’re on a budget, there are options too. Budget-friendly hotels provide basic amenities and comfortable accommodations at an affordable price point.

If you prefer something unique, consider a boutique hotel or bed & breakfast. These offer personalized service and distinctive character.

Book your stay well in advance to get the best deals! Also look for discounts to save even more. Or, for the adventurous, stay in a hostel – just bring earplugs and a strong sense of smell.


Bergen offers budget-friendly ‘Economy Accommodations’ for solo travelers, students, and backpackers. In particular these hostels provide simple amenities such as Wi-Fi and common kitchens. Some even have free breakfast and communal areas. Save money by choosing shared bedrooms over private ones.

For a unique experience, try ‘Alternative Style Accommodations’. These range from eco-friendly treehouses to houseboats. They provide a refreshing twist on traditional lodgings.

Couples and honeymooners can indulge in ‘Upscale Stays’. These luxurious hotels offer top-notch amenities like spas, fine dining, and stunning views.

Bergen is one of the rainiest cities in Europe. So, pack accordingly! Airbnb is perfect for making new friends and memories. Just be prepared for possibly awkward encounters.


Searching for alternative lodging options in Bergen? An online platform offering unique stays with local hosts could be the answer. You can choose from a wide range of accommodations that offer personal touches and a unique cultural experience. Plus, you’ll save money and get insider tips from friendly locals.

Renting an apartment or room through this platform is great for those who want more flexibility and an immersive experience. There are plenty of locations, types of accommodation and even amenities like bikes and kitchen supplies available. Also reviews from previous guests are verified for safety and satisfaction.

These homes are often situated in local neighborhoods – far from typical tourist areas. Many have kitchens, so you can reduce costs on dining out and explore the local culture by visiting farmers’ markets and cooking with locally sourced ingredients.

Last year, I booked a stay through this platform during my trip to Norway. My host was lovely and gave me some great recommendations. Her chic loft was in a lively neighborhood with small cafes and shops selling handmade crafts. In effect it reminded me why I love traveling so much and also experiencing new cultures like a local!

So, if you’re looking for something special in Bergen, just remember that ‘climbing mountains’ and ‘getting lost in the fjords’ can be more than activities. Additionally they can be accommodations too!

Things to do in Bergen Norway

In Bergen, Norway, there are plenty of options for a wonderful time. Explore the city’s attractions and engage in various activities to enjoy the destination’s beauty. Here are six options that would make your visit to Bergen memorable:

Flam Railway -Visit Mondosol.com
  • Take the funicular to the top of Mount Fløyen for breathtaking views of Bergen.
  • Visit the UNESCO world heritage site of Bryggen Harbor to see the colorful wooden buildings and learn about the history of the city.
  • Go on a fjord cruise to capture the natural beauty of the surrounding areas.
  • Walk along the charming streets of old Bergen and experience its vibrant culture.
  • Explore Bergen’s cultural roots by visiting Edvard Grieg’s house, renowned Norwegian composer.
  • Take part in a seafood safari and savor scrumptious seafood from Norway’s cold, clear waters.

Furthermore, one can explore the narrow streets of the city and come across the local food vendors and shops, which offer unique finds. A lesser-known option is to visit the Stoltzekleiven stairs, which are a great workout while providing terrific views.

What to see in Bergen Norway

Interestingly, Bergen is known as the “Gateway to the Fjords” due to its location.

If you’re looking for a taste of medieval Bergen, Bryggen is the perfect place to visit so just watch out for the ghosts of disgruntled Hanseatic merchants.


Bryggen, a taste of medieval Bergen - Visit Bergen in mondosol.com

The Wharf in Bergen, Norway is renowned for its rich history, dating back to the 14th century Hanseatic League. It has now been designated a World Heritage Site and features colorful wooden buildings with vibrant facades, cafes, museums, art galleries, and souvenir shops.

For the history buffs, The Wharf’s Hanseatic Museum is a great way to experience what life was like during Bergen’s trading era. On top there are plenty of art galleries to explore if you’re into contemporary art.

Pro Tip: To get a more peaceful experience, visit The Wharf early in the morning or late at night when there are fewer tourists around. And for a more serene experience, try Fløyen – it’s perfect for pretending you’re a woodland creature!


Fløyen gorgeous vista - visit Bergen in Mondosol.com
Photo: Courtesy of Go Guides

In Bergen’s core, lies a gorgeous vista. It offers amazing views of the city and beyond. To get there, take a funicular railway up to 320 meters. The area is surrounded by lush greenery, making it a great spot for photos. Both locals and tourists adore it!

At the top, breathe in the fresh air as you wander along the hiking trails. There are tons of outdoor activities too, like zipline, rock climb, and mountain bike. Or, you can learn local folklore at the Norwegian Folk Museum, or shop at a souvenir shop.

If you visit during winter, Fløyen is transformed into a winter wonderland with sledding hills and ice-skating rinks.

In fact it’s been 700 years since the Celtic people used it for religious purposes. Yet, today’s visitors can still sense the spiritual energy in its tranquil atmosphere. To have a great time, the Bergen Fish Market is the place to be!

Fish Market

Fish Market in Bergen - Visit Mondosol.com

Bergen’s lively seafood marketplace is a hub for all things oceanic. So feast your eyes on the vibrant display of fresh catches, such as salmon, shrimp, crabs and lobsters. Plus, the Fish Market offers local specialties like dried fish, roe, and whale meat.

Check out this table of seafood available at the market:

Type of SeafoodExamples
SalmonWild, farmed, smoked
ShrimpNorwegian, prawns
CrabKing crab, Dungeness crab
LobsterNorwegian lobster
Dried FishStockfish, clipfish

The Fish Market has a rich history dating back to the 1200s. It was an important trading post between Norway and other European countries in the Middle Ages. Nowadays, it’s still a popular destination for those wanting to learn more about Bergen’s cultural heritage.

Fish accounts for over half of Norway’s total export income each year! (Source: Innovation Norway)

Want to get high in Bergen? Head over to Mount Ulriken. You’ll get spectacular views and a higher altitude!

Mount Ulriken in Bergen Norway

Hike up Mount Ulriken - visit mondosol.com

Mount Ulriken is one of the highest mountains in Bergen and offers an amazing view. Tourists can take a cable car or hike up to the summit to take in the stunning scenery that stretches beyond the horizon. The peak’s observation deck gives a 360-degree view of the fjords, mountains, and cityscape.

This destination also features an adventure park with exciting activities such as ziplining, abseiling, and mountain biking. There are also playgrounds and mini golf courses for kids to enjoy.

If you’re feeling daring, you can take one of the many guided tours offered by expert climbers. Indeed these tours can help navigate challenging routes like Middagstind and Kolbeinsvarden.

A special story about Mount Ulriken involves a couple who climbed it for a romantic experience. At dawn, they watched the sunset from the peak’s observatory and he proposed marriage to her. She accepted it amidst the beautiful views.

Getting around Bergen

Exploring Bergen with ease is made possible by the city’s well-developed transport system that connects all major attractions. The transportation options include buses, trams, and trains that provide seamless journeys. The efficient and cost-effective public transport system is the best way to explore the city. Travel cards offer convenience and accessibility for visitors. Another excellent option is to rent a bicycle and explore the scenic city at your own pace. That is why bicycling is a popular way of getting around Bergen as it is environmentally friendly and provides wellness benefits.

For visitors who prefer walking, Bergen is a pedestrian-friendly city, and walking to key attractions such as Mount Fløyen and Bryggen is worth the effort. Do not miss the funicular trip to Mount Fløyen to enjoy the incredible views that Bergen offers. Also taxis are available, but they can be more expensive than public transport.

To ensure you make the most out of your time in Bergen, do not miss visiting the Fish Market, St. Mary’s Church, and Håkon’s Hall. These are must-visit attractions that offer unique experiences of the city’s history, culture, and cuisine. Remember to carry a map or use the available digital resources to locate these attractions.

Get ready to embark on a memorable journey of exploring Bergen’s attractions. Fear of missing out? Book your travel, pack your bags, and explore the beautiful city of Bergen. If getting lost is your idea of adventure, Bergen’s public transport system is the ride of your life.

Public transport

Getting around Bergen is easy and affordable with the city’s well-developed public transport network. Indeed buses offer the most convenient way to explore the tourist attractions, while light rail services have regular schedules, with less frequency on weekends. For those preferring water transport, Bergenssplitt boat tours provide luxurious and cheap scenic views.

Plus, Bergen Tap Water is safe to drink as it is tested daily by the Bergen Water Authorities. Rather than a taxi, why not explore the narrow streets of Bergen like a Viking warrior on foot?


Biking in Bergen can be a bit of a challenge due to the hills, but it’s a great way to explore the city!

If you’d prefer to take a taxi, there are many private transportation services available. You can hail one on the street or book through ride-hailing apps. Remember that fares are metered and regulated. That is why prices may go up during nights and weekends, and extra charges may apply for large groups and luggage.

For a safe and enjoyable experience, it’s best to use licensed operators like Bergen Taxi, Norgestaxi, or OSLO Taxigroup. Their drivers have all been background checked.

Plus, you can opt for eco-friendly taxi options, like Taxi Electric Norway. In fact, they use electric cars, which helps reduce carbon emissions while still providing high-quality services.

In short, taking a taxi in Bergen is a great way to get around the city. Also you can have a hassle-free experience while supporting sustainable practices.


Do you want to explore Bergen in an eco-friendly way? Pedal power is the answer! Bikes have many advantages like better health, less traffic and less air pollution.

  • Bergen has plenty of paths and lanes for cycling.
  • You can hire bikes from many shops, with features such as mudguards and helmets.
  • The bikes have adjustable seats and handlebars for comfort.
  • You can take your bike on buses, trains and ferries.
  • Be safe: wear a helmet and reflective clothing.
  • Electric bikes are becoming popular too – they offer the same benefits with extra power.

If cycling isn’t for you, there are taxis and public transport options like trams, buses and funiculars. An expat loved cycling down the streets of Bryggen. It gave her a chance to discover hidden places that other transport couldn’t reach. On top the seafood in Bergen is so fresh!

Eating in Bergen

Bergen’s Gastronomic Delights

Chilled shrimp platter on the dinner table - visit Bergen in Mondosol.com
Photo by Nadin Sh on Pexels.com

Indulge in Bergen’s culinary adventures and discover a wide range of Norwegian delicacies. From the traditional and rustic dishes to the contemporary and innovative ones, Bergen offers fantastic food options that cater to all palettes. Savour the fresh seafood caught in the nearby waters or relish the local meat and game dishes prepared by award-winning chefs. Don’t miss out on trying the famous fish soup, fiskekaker (fish cakes), and kjøttboller (meatballs).

Explore Bergen’s food scene by visiting the numerous restaurants, cafes, and food markets throughout the city, offering options from fine dining to street food. Especially take a stroll down the narrow alleys of Bryggen and experience the city’s history and culture while enjoying a delicious meal.

Treat yourself to an unforgettable culinary adventure in Bergen, and don’t let the fear of missing out keep you from trying some of Norway’s most exceptional dishes. Get your fill of fish and chips, Norwegian style, with Bergen’s classic dish, fiskesuppe – just don’t ask what’s swimming in it.

Local dishes

Exploring the indigenous cuisine of Bergen is a must for food lovers. Its culinary art is a mix of traditional Norwegian recipes and contemporary gastronomic techniques.

To get a taste of the local dishes, here’s a list of them:

1. FårikålLamb, cabbage and peppercorns stew.
2. Klippfisk (salt cod)A dried and salted fish that’s been a staple in Norwegian cuisine for thousands of years.
3. RømmegrøtA sour cream pudding with butter and sugar.
4. Brunost (Brown cheese)Caramel-colored cheese with a sweet-savory flavor.

You can’t miss smoked salmon served on lefse (thin bread) with sour cream and dill for a unique flavor! Bergen’s seafood was historically obtained through medieval-era trade with Europe.

During my visit, I had the pleasure of tasting Fårikål. Basically, the combination of tender lamb meat and fragrant cabbage made for an amazing flavor!

The ocean’s way of saying ‘you’re welcome’ is to give you the seafood of Bergen!


Bergen’s gastronomy awaits!

Experience the delightful oceanic cuisine. Sample fresh seafood dishes for a unique taste sensation.

Check out the must-try seafood dishes and restaurant recommendations below.

Seafood DishRestaurant Recommendation
Salmon soupBryggen Tracteursted
Fish cakesTo Kokker
Grilled scallopsMandalay Bar & Restaurant
Prawns in garlic butter sauceEnhjorningen Resturant
Fish and chipsRorbua Pub

Did you know? Bergen is the ‘Seafood Capital of Norway‘. As a matter of fact it exports more than 200 kinds of seafood to over 140 countries.

Try the waterfront restaurants and markets for an unforgettable ‘ocean-to-table’ experience.

Fun fact: The world’s largest producer of salmon – Mowi ASA, is based in Bergen. Plus, you can try food from all over the world without leaving the city limits!

International cuisine

Bergen is a hub for global culinary experiences. From Middle Eastern to Asian fusion, it has restaurants to suit everyone’s tastes! Try Japanese at Sumo in Skostredet, Indian at Mango Tree in Vetrlidsallmenningen, Italian at Da Stefano in Klosteret and Mexican at Eat Street in Sentrum. Gogogi has Korean BBQ and Colonialen offers modern European plates. Although prices can be high, lunch specials offer budget-friendly menus. Ready to have a Viking-style fun night? Bergen’s nightlife scene won’t disappoint!

Nightlife in Bergen

Bergen’s After-Dark Scene: An Insight

Discover Bergen’s lively and vibrant after-dark scene. Experience the perfect combination of culture, music, and art, that keeps the city alive through the night.

Nightlife in Bergen: Four Essential Elements

  • Music: Find a diverse music scene with a range of live performances, jazz, blues, techno, and indie music.
  • Bars: Explore small and cozy bars with an intimate atmosphere, or head to large and trendy bars with a wide variety of drinks.
  • Clubs: Dance the night away in contemporary clubs with local and international DJs.
  • Events: Join in festive cultural events like outdoor concerts, theater performances, and food festivals.

A Night to Remember: Lesser-Known Bergen Hotspots

Discover unique spots that will leave you enamored, such as the hidden speakeasy bar, or the rooftop bar that offers an extraordinary view of the city. Another key point is the live sessions of Nordic folk music, or watch a movie under the stars at an open-air cinema.

The Evolution of Bergen’s Nightlife

Bergen’s nightlife has come a long way from its prohibition-era origins, when alcohol was illegal. Basically from the speakeasies of the 20s and 30s to the techno and indie clubs of today, the city continually evolves and adapts to changing times and tastes, making it a must-visit location for nocturnal escapades.

Drink like a Viking at Apollon Bar, where the beer flows like a waterfall and the atmosphere is as lively as a battle cry.


Central Bergen has lots to offer for nightlife fanatics. Fancy lounges, cocktail bars and traditional pubs are scattered all around. These bars are one of a kind!

For example, No Stress Bar plays live music and is full of life. Hulen bar is underground and has alternative music and art events. And Garage bar has rock n’ roll tunes and delicious burgers.

If you’re looking for quality drinks in a luxe setting, you must check out Bare Vestland. Their whisky selection is amazing, thanks to the sommeliers who pick them out from all over the world.

Lonely Planet’s “Norway” guidebook says Bergen has some great bars that “are worth seeking out for their individuality.” Plus, its wild clubs will make you dance all night and regret it the next day.


Bergen’s nightlife provides plenty of spots to let loose, socialize and dance. Popular picks for party-goers include:

  • Dance Clubs – Garage, Hulen, Kvarteret, Tilt and Checkpoint Charley.
  • Cocktail Bars – Salt, No Stress and Fincken.
  • Live Music Venues – USF Verftet and Madam Felle.
  • Underground Clubs – Lille Ole Bull at Skostredet.

Midweek is a great time to go, as the atmosphere is relaxed and the crowds are smaller. Furthermore, Bergen is home to Norway’s oldest pub, ‘Bryggeloftet’. So, rock out, but beware – an over-enthusiastic headbanging session might necessitate a visit to the city’s famous fjord physiotherapists!

Live music venues

Bergen is alive with music! There are venues to suit any taste and preference. From small and intimate rooms to larger halls, find your sound.

Check out Hulen, with its mix of musical performances since 1969. Rock out at Garage with its great atmosphere. Unusual places like Kvarteret and Landmark offer a unique experience. Ultimately Kvarteret has bohemian decor while Landmark features experimental music.

Don’t miss Bergen’s lively nightlife. Get an unforgettable experience at these venues! Need a break? Take a day trip and enjoy daylight drinking!

Day trips from Bergen

Paragraph 1:

Bergen offers unique opportunities for exploring nearby areas. Explore beyond Bergen’s borders with these remarkable trips.

Paragraph 2:

Discover the beauty of Fjords by taking a boat trip that departs from Bergen’s harbour. Visit Mostraumen, Osterfjorden, and other nearby Fjords. Hike in Bergen’s mountains and appreciate the panoramic view from Fløyen. Explore nearby towns like Fana, Os, or Alver for a cultural experience. Take a trip to the Hardangerfjord region to indulge in some of Norway’s most spectacular scenery.

Paragraph 3:

Find tranquillity at Steinsdalsfossen waterfall’s hiking trail. Take a boat to the breathtaking Fantoft Stave Church or journey to the Norway’s biggest Barony at Rosendal. Finally, visit the beautiful Folgefonna National Park in summers for skiing or snowboarding at the nearby glacier.

Paragraph 4:

We recommend taking a train ride from Bergen to Voss as it offers views of stunning landscapes. For one thing, book a group tour to capture the essence of Norway’s scenic mountain roads. Such tours enhance your experience manifold and ensure that you capture the best memories of Bergen. In particular explore the beauty of Bergen’s fjords and maybe even spot a sea monster, unless it’s just a tourist on a paddleboard.

Fjord tours

Green mountain surrounded by body of water photo - visit Bergen in Mondosol.com
Photo by Bob Krustev on Pexels.com

For Norway’s nature lovers, fjords are a must-see. Mountains and greenery surround these waters, giving a sense of peace and beauty.

We’ve made a list of the best spots to explore. Hardangerfjord and Sognefjord are two of the most popular spots, plus their distance from Bergen and trip times.

But there’s more than what you’ll find in tour guides. Try Steinsdalsfossen waterfall. You can walk behind it and stay dry.

National Geographic ranked Norwegian Fjords one of the world’s most beautiful cruises.

Bergen offers tons of nature to explore. Plan your next journey now!


Beautiful morning in the hardangerfjord - visit Bergen in Mondosol.com
Photo by op23 on Pexels.com

The Hardangerfjord is east of Bergen and stretches 179 kilometers. It shows Norway’s natural beauty with towering mountains, waterfalls and lush orchards – the Norwegian name for this fjord means “the farm in the steep mountain”.

This region is well-known for its fruit production, and there are many outdoor activities like visiting the Folgefonna Glacier or hiking Trolltunga. History buffs can explore the Maritime Museum or Barony Rosendal ruins.

Take a drive and witness breathtaking views at Steinsdalsfossen waterfall and Kjeåsen Mountain Farm. Enjoy cycling, kayaking, fishing, boating, and skiing at Hardangerfjord.

Stay in one of the cabins or guesthouses in places like Eidfjord or Ulvik. Taste traditional sour cream porridge (rømmegrøt) and cider from local apples with a view of the orchards. For those who love castles and fjords, Rosendal is the “royal” place to be!


If you’re searching for historic landscapes, you must visit Rosendal. This idyllic village lies south of Bergen and is accessible by ferry. Rosendal has been around for centuries, with landmarks like the Baroniet Rosendal Manor House and Gardens. The natural landscape around Rosendal is breathtaking!

Take a tour of the manor house for a glimpse into its interesting past. The art gallery hosts modern Norwegian art. And wander through the gardens, with exotic plants from the past owners. Outdoor lovers will love the scenic hiking trails – with views of Hardangerfjorden and Folgefonna glacier.

When in Bergen, take a day trip to Rosendal. Meanwhile you’ll find the rustic beauty of history, a one-of-a-kind experience you don’t want to miss.


Q: What is the best time to visit Bergen Norway?

A: The best time to visit Bergen Norway is during the summer months from June to August when the weather is mild and the days are longer. For that reason it is allowing you to explore the city and its surroundings.

Q: How do I get to Bergen Norway?

A: Bergen is well-connected by air, road, and rail. You can fly into Bergen airport, take a train from Oslo or Trondheim, or drive via the E39 highway.

Q: What are the top attractions in Bergen Norway?

A: Some of the top attractions in Bergen Norway include the Bryggen Wharf, the Fish Market, the Fløibanen Funicular, the Bergenhus Fortress, and the Troldhaugen Museum.

Q: Is it easy to get around Bergen Norway?

A: Yes, Bergen is a small city that can be easily explored on foot. As a result you can also use the city’s efficient public transport system that includes buses, light rail, and a funicular.

Q: What are the best places to eat in Bergen Norway ?

A: Bergen is famous for its seafood and has a number of restaurants that serve fresh and delicious seafood dishes. Some of the top restaurants to try in Bergen Norway include Lysverket, Zupperia, and Fisketorget.

Q: Can I explore the fjords from Bergen Norway?

A: Yes, Bergen Norway is an excellent base to explore the fjords as it is surrounded by fjords such as Hardangerfjord, Sognefjord, and Nærøyfjord. For example you can take a day trip or a cruise to explore these stunning natural wonders.

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