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I will create your website with Wix. As an Award-Winning Freelancer with over a decade of experience, I specialize in designing mobile-compatible, interactive, and also responsive websites. In fact I have been using various CMS platforms like WordPress, Wix, Google, Lodgify and Shopify, among others.

WixCreate your website with Wix offers tools for creating HTML5 websites and also mobile sites using online drag-and-drop editing.

What’s included in all packages?

  • Friendly & Easy to Use Admin Panel
  • Best Unique Modern Design with Special attention to UI/UX
  • SEO Optimized Structure
  • Visually attractive Graphical layout with HD images Slider
  • Ecommerce online store with Payment Gateways
  • Security best practices applied with Anti Malware plugin
  • Social Media Integration, Contact Forms, Google Maps, Newsletter Subscription & Mailing list
  • Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel Integration
  • Special Call to Actions
  • Coaching and Q&A Call
  • Email Support
  • Your Property on our Direct BookingWebsite: One (1) > List your place on Mondsool
  • An article about Your Property with a link to your Website: One (1)

★ Starter

I’ll show you a DIY direct booking website. Select Standard and Advanced for more.

  • Delivery Time for a mobile-friendly web design: 4 days
  • Number of Revisions: Zero (0)
  • Number of Pages: One (1)
  • Number of Plugins/Extensions Installed: Two (2)
  • Responsive Design
  • Contact Form

★★ Standard

I’ll design the website template ready to upload pictures and content.

  • Delivery Time for a mobile-friendly web design: 8 days
  • Number of Revisions: Two (2)
  • Number of Pages: Ten (10)
  • Number of Plugins/Extensions Installed: Four (4)
  • Responsive Design
  • Bookable Website
  • Design Customization
  • SEO Friendly

★★★ Advanced

I’ll design the website and upload the images and text. You do nothing.

  • Delivery Time for a mobile-friendly web design: 12 days
  • Number of Revisions: Four (4)
  • Number of Pages: Twenty (20)
  • Number of Plugins/Extensions Installed: Six (6)
  • Design Customization
  • Responsive Design
  • Ecommerce (Paypal)
  • Easy to Use admin panel


Why choose me

I have 10 Years Experience. I will offer you Premium Support Forever with Quick Communication, Daily Updates and Free Consultation. I have done 5000 Projects Completed since 2014.

In fact I make websites for Vacation Rentals, Holiday Homes, BnB(s), Hotels, Villas, Resorts, Homes, and Apartments. So following an epic career in all realms of hospitality, I have worked with thousands of short-stay accommodation owners to date.  I have also created Mondosol.

Mondosol is helping worldwide Rental Owners increase Bookings. It also shows their property to people on the Internet. So Mondosol has 9 years of experience on Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway,, TripAdvisor, Lodgify, Wheelhouse, PriceLabs, Mailchimp, WordPress, and Shopify.

Established in 2011, Mondosol in 2017 was recognised as the third biggest Professional host of Airbnb. In fact it was featured in “La Repubblica” n.1 newspaper in Italy (read on this article). So it gives hosts the tools, tactics, and training to boost their profits – with actionable advice.

Let’s start on your project now!

So you can have a Free Consultation Service for your startup or business.

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